Miss Howard Stern Millionaire Dating Game

There have been many Miss Howard TV’s over the years, but there is still only on “Miss Howard Stern”… Andrea Owenby. Howard noted that she has been the reigning Miss HS for around 15 years now. Andrea returned to the Stern Show this morning to try to turn her luck around and find “love” in the “Millionaire Dating Game”. Three well-to-do men tried their hand at winning a date, and possibly marriage with Miss Howard Stern.

Andrea Ownbey has been down on her luck in recent years as she was badly injured in a car accident that almost killed her. Her face needed to be reconstructed due to the damage. The incident sparked an “awakening” in Andrea, and she dedicated herself to quit her stripper and druggy lifestyles… for a little bit.

Now Andrea is ready to settle down, but she can’t do it with just any guy, the guy needs to have a ton of dough to give Andrea whatever she wants in life… hence the Millionaire Dating Game.

Medicated Pete Dating Game – Date and Recap

Howard came back and said he had Yucko there and also had Dynah the girl who went on the date with Pete yesterday. He had her on the phone. Dynah said that she has to pee. She was waiting for him to come back though. Howard told her to go ahead and pee and they’ll listen in. She didn’t want to do that. She said it was okay and they could go through the interview.

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Howard Stern – Medicated Pete Dating Game video

Howard got to the Medicated Pete dating game. He said that they have Medicated Pete coming in to meet 3 girls who were already set up in the studio. Howard had Pete come in after that. He was looking down at the floor and not at the girls. Pete eventually looked at them and asked what was up. Howard said that Pete has Tourettes and he was having a hard time today.

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