Riley Martin might not be coming back


Riley Martin called in to say he thought he’d come to an “equitable agreement” with Dr. Keith Ablow during their on-air therapy session, but he hasn’t been able to get Dr. Keith’s official diagnosis. Tim Sabean came in to say he wanted to first discuss Dr. Ablow’s opinion with Howard off-air: “I need to talk to you off the air what our plan is gonna be. [Riley’s] not dangerous, but his reality is different than ours.”

Howard thought Dr. Ablow didn’t do what he was supposed to: “He didn’t make a dent in this guy.” Later, Howard got Dr. Ablow on the phone and asked his opinion. Dr. Ablow explained that “There are two concentric circles: our shared reality…and then Riley’s.” Dr. Ablow later explained: “For him, the aliens and alien lifeforms and the rest of it represent safety and security…from painful things in life.” Howard thought Riley needed more work before getting his show back: “Riley…Back to the couch.”

Riley Martin Still Without a Job

Howard listened to a few clips of Dr. Keith Ablow’s on-air therapy session with the recently-fired Riley Martin: “If Dr. Ablow can’t get through to him, then it’s over.” JD came in to say the pair didn’t make much progress: “No. Not really. I think they’re both sort of-I don’t know.” JD later explained: “Riley thinks there’s this conspiracy of people at Sirius hiding his numbers.

Howard thought Riley’s problem stemmed from the way he approached his show on Howard101: “It’s not a career. It’s a fun little thing he gets to do.”

Howard then played a clip in which Riley yelled at Tim Sabean for treating him like a “dumb old jiggaboo” and decided the channels would be better off without Riley: “Wouldn’t it be great if we just replace him with an hour of people crapping in a bucket?”