Robin Quivers falls for email scam

Howard Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers is always eager to help a friend in need–maybe a bit too eager.

Quivers was suckered in by the dreaded “stranded abroad with no money” email shakedown last week. The scam hacks email accounts and then sends a message to everyone in the victim’s address book, claiming that the sender is “stranded abroad with no money” and asking the email recipients to wire cash.

This time, the hackers tapped into the email account of Stacy Lange–sister of ex-Howard Stern Show co-host Artie Lange, which gave him access to the personal email addresses of some of the most powerful and wealthy people in radio–including Howard Stern. Stern wasn’t suckered in by the scam though. Robin Quivers was.

Quivers reported Wednesday that she spent hours (while she was sick with a cold) trying to wire 1400 Euros to “Stacy Lange” when she received the email while the Stern Show was on vacation. Thankfully, shortly after the wire went through, a friend of Quivers alerted her to the scam and the Robin was able to cancel the wire before it was collected.

Howard Stern's Birthday

Howard started the show talking about his birthday since it was today. Robin said it’s a special day. Howard said all of America celebrates his birthday. He said he tells Beth about the old days when they’d have big extravaganzas at places like Tavern on the Green.

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