Eric The Actor Lynch Dies at 39

eric the actor San Jose SharksEric “The Actor” Lynch, a regular on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radioshow, died Saturday, according to his manager. He was 39.

Johnny Fratto, his manager and longtime friend, broke the news Sunday on Twitter. SiriusXM’s official Twitter also released a message regarding his death.

According to TMZ, Fratto said Lynch was rushed to a Sacramento hospital on Saturday after he began to have heart problems and that most of his organs just gave out. He died in the hospital, surrounded by family and friends.

Eric began calling Stern’s show in 2002, and quickly built up a reputation among those on the show and fans.

Rest in peace, Eric the Actor. We love you.

Eric the Actors blog post “My Bucket List”

This summer during my road trip vacation when I started have my health problems get to the point where I had to stay in the hospital I started thinking about what I still wanted to do in my live. I remember that two years ago there was a movie with Jack Nicholson, and Morgan Freeman that was called The Bucket List. Even though I have no plans of my life ending anytime soon I thought that I should make my own bucket list, and get started on it as soon as possible so here it goes.

#1.) Run for Governor of the state of California. I pick this first off because it the closet thing. California picks the next governor next year. I believe that I can out do the last two governors that this state has had. Arnold S., and the guy before him both sucked. They both put our state in the crapper.

#2.) Get Dougie The Puggie, and other books published, and Make the New York Times Best Sellers list with them all…..

#3.) Have one, or more of my books get turned into a big screen movie…..

#4.) Continue trying to get more acting roles on TV…..

#5.) Get my first movie role…..

#6.) Working with my two favorite wrestling companies WWE, and TNA in whatever way that I can…..

#7.) Direct a movie…..

#8.) Direct, and make a documentary…..

#9.) Get the nerve up to try at least one night of doing stand up…..

#10.) Show my talents as an artist by doing some designs, and drawings…..

#11.) Own or get to be a part of a record label. I think I have an ear for talent…..

#12.) Finally get to meet Kelly Clarkson, and meet a bunch of my other favorite celebrities…..

#13.) Continue to visit the girls of the Bunny Ranch, and the Love Ranch as much as I can…..

#14.) Go to the rest of the lower 48 states that I haven’t been to yet…..

#15.) Stay at as many of the Las Vegas hotels that I haven’t been to yet as I can…..

#16.) Have a huge family reunion for both sides of my family at Disneyworld or in Las Vegas.

Eric the Actor meets the San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks, struggling mightily since a 7-0 start, might have found their lucky charm last week.

With Howard Stern Show regular Eric The Actor in attendance for his first-ever hockey game, the Sharks scored three goals in the first 10 minutes and routed the Pacific Division leading Anaheim Ducks 4-0.

“Anytime you want to come back, you just let me know,” Sharks captain Joe Thornton told Lynch in the team dressing room after the game. Thornton is a longtime Stern Show fan, dating to his years in Boston. In fact, Lynch’s visit Wednesday stemmed from a recent postgame interview in which Thornton, speaking before the HP Pavilion crowd, was briefly interrupted by somebody shouting “Baba Booey” — universal code among Stern fans.

Sharks publicist Tom Holy, another longtime Stern fan, contacted a friend at SiriusXM. That led to an on-air interview with Stern staffer Shuli Egar — an interview that Thornton, a six-time All Star and the 2006 league MVP, called one of the highlights of his career.

“Look who we got here!” Thornton exclaimed as he introduced his teammates to Eric, a 38-year-old Sacramento man confined to a wheelchair, and a 10-year regular caller to the Stern Show.

At one point, Thornton and his brother John, who also serves as the player’s agent, crouched at either side of Lynch for a photograph. “This is going to be our Christmas card,” Joe Thornton said.

“We’ve been talking about this visit for the last couple days — not just me but everyone in here who’s a Howard fan.”

Eric the Actor gets work with TNA Wrestling

Eric the Actor of Howard Stern fame is scheduled to join TNA as a regular pay-per-view analyst on their TNA Today web series. Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash made the announcement last night with Eric the Midget in Las Vegas at the Ronnie Mund Block Party.

So did Eric make it to the Bunny Ranch while in Las Vegas? “I didn’t have time to go to any ranches, and Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch near Reno not Las Vegas.” – ETM