Transgender Woman Who Got Cement Face Injections (Howard Stern Interview)

Rajee Narinesingh visited the Howard Stern Show Monday morning and accomplished what most people considered impossible: making Lindsay Lohan’s plastic surgery look good.

Rajee, who was born a man, sought out plastic surgery to appear more like a woman. O’Neal Morris, the unlicensed “clinician” he paid to give him silicone injections, instead knowingly injected Rajee’s face, chest and buttocks with a cement mixture that included cement.

“Initially, I looked great,” Rajee told the Howard Stern show audience. “But then I started getting a reaction.”

Rajee was badly disfugured and still faces months of treatments and thousands in procedures to correct the damage from Morris’ procedures.

Rajee said she was devastated after the experience, and was too ashamed to come forward to the police until other victims came forward. Rajee says she’s looking on the bright side, telling Stern that her disfigured face landed her a part in an “all-trans” pilot called “Bella Maddo” that’s still looking for distribution.


Howard came back and played the voice mail he left for Gary when he had forgotten where he was in St. Louis. He quickly did that and then moved on to Rajee the Transsexual. Howard said Rajee was in the news when a plastic surgeon put cement in her ass as implants. Howard said that Rajee was born a man but wanted to be a woman. Howard said when he was a little boy he wanted to be a woman. Howard said she didn’t have a lot of money so she went to this doctor who wasn’t a real doctor.

Rajee said that this person had medical training but she wasn’t a doctor. Rajee said she wanted to enhance her looks so she wanted to start on her face. She said she wanted injections of medical silicone. She wanted to feminize her face. She said she’s an actress so she wanted to look more feminine.

Howard said this fuckhead ”doctor” is a transsexual too. Rajee said she thought that she could trust her. She showed Howard a shot of what she looked like before. Howard said that she should have left her face alone.

Howard said this fucker injected cement like the cement you’d use in a cement truck. She didn’t use any anesthesia either. Rajee said that she kept saying that beauty is pain over and over in her head. She said that she had a reaction to the cement after she got it injected into her breasts. Rajee said that the cement in her face was fine at first. She said that she got it put into her chest and that’s when she ran into problems. She said the cement is still in there too. Rajee said that her face had this horrible reaction to the cement. She said she’s getting treatment now. She said that the role she got on this show was for a distorted looking woman. She is that it worked in her favor actually. She said she had 4 hours of surgery and this is the after look.

Howard said that this whole thing is weird. He said it’s like a super hero that becomes a hero after getting injections. Howard said that would be the happy ending if it actually happened. Howard said hopefully Stan Lee is listening and can create a character.

Howard said that Rajee must have cried a lot over this. Rajee said that she did cry at times. She said that this has worked out in her favor though. She said she’s going to be in this show that’s in the works. She said that the whole cast is transsexual. They don’t have a home for the show yet though.

Howard got back to the doctor and asked if Rajee is going to testify. She said she will if they want her to. She said she hopes she has the strength to do it. She said there are other people who have had it done to them too. She said that unfortunately it fucked up her face. Howard asked if she still has a cock. Rajee said she does but she calls it her ”she cock.” Howard said he has a she cock too. Rajee said she says that her’s is an extra long clitoris. Howard said he’ll let her bring in her friends if she shows him her cock. Rajee said that her cock is about 8 inches long. Howard said he should have a cock like that. Howard asked how long it is when it’s flaccid. She said that it’s maybe about 5. Howard said this is bullshit. Howard said she doesn’t even want a cock and she’s got 8 inches. Howard said he only wishes he had one that big.

Howard said that this fake surgeon injected Rajee with the cement instead of silicone. She didn’t have a reaction to it at first. Howard said then she goes in for titties and gets more cement injected into her chest. Rajee said that she’s a double D so there must be a lot in there. She said that she didn’t plan to go that big but gravity came into play. Rajee said she has some in her buttocks and in her hips too. She said once her face started to go bad then she stopped getting the injections.

Howard asked to see Rajee’s ass. She wasn’t sure she wanted to do that. Howard said that she’s half a guy so just do it. She showed Howard what it looked like. Howard said it didn’t look so bad. Howard asked to see her cock next. Rajee said that she’s shy. Howard asked to see her tittie too. Howard said that’s a cement tit. She showed it to them.

Howard said that guy loaded her up with cement. Howard said she has the Berlin wall in her ass. Howard asked what her childhood was like and if she was molested or something. Rajee said she started pretty young. She said she was about 9 or 10 when this guy got on top of her and told her how beautiful she was. She said he was in his 30s. Rajee said that she didn’t know what semen looked like and she saw all of this stuff on her stomach and she thought it was oatmeal.

Howard asked about this doctor who removed the cement from her face and how that worked. She said that the doctor broke his scissors trying to remove it from her face. He said that he could see the fear in their eyes as they were working on her.

Rajee told Howard that there’s still cement in her face. She said she still has the cement in her chest too. She said she doesn’t want to get that removed unless she can get implants. She said she’s trying to deal with all of this and get over it.

Howard asked if she can get cancer from this stuff. Rajee said she’s not sure so she’ll just have to see what happens. She said that the trail should be sometime in April. He said that the doctor says that she’s the victim though. Howard said the ”doctor” has an ass full of cement too so there’s no telling what will happen to her in prison if she goes.

Howard said that Rajee Narinesingh can be seen in Bellamado and some of her cast members are there. Howard talked to one of the girls, Isis, who had her surgery done so she has a vagina. Howard was referring to her as a tranny or transsexual but she said that’s not right to use those words. She said they are transgender. Howard said that this chick is so feminine that he’d bet he could get her pregnant. She said that Tyra Banks helped pay for her surgery. Howard asked to see her ass. She turned around and showed Howard. Howard asked if she was gay in high school. She said that she did live her life as a gay male. She said she knew she was transgender and she made it happen.

Howard asked if you can still cum when you have a fake vagina. Isis said you can’t really since your testes are gone. She told Howard what it was like to have sex for the first time after having the surgery. She said that she can have orgasms now. She said that it took a while to heal but she can now do it and orgasm. Howard said that doesn’t work every time though. Howard asked if it’s a psychological orgasm or real. Isis said it’s a real thing.

Howard asked if Isis showed Tyra her new vagina. She said she didn’t want to see it. Howard asked what it costs to do that. She said the surgery was about $24,000. Howard asked if she prefers anal sex or the new vagina. She said that she likes them both. It depends on her mood. Howard asked how big her titties are. She said they’re a small C. Howard said he bets that a lot of straight dudes would want to do her. Howard said that a lot of dudes would take a blow job at least. She said she has to be in a relationship to do that.

Howard asked how big of a penis she’s had inside of her. She said that she’s only had about 3. She said that it can’t take anything too big. Howard wondered if he could get his four and a half inches in there. Robin said that he should date her to find out. Howard said he might have to.

Howard asked Isis if she’s wearing a wig. She said she is. She said that her natural hair is growing out now. She said that she doesn’t want to grow it out into an afro because it would remind her too much of her past. Howard said that Isis has nothing masculine left on her. He said he’ll even call her sweetheart. Isis thanked Howard for that. Howard said that she’s more girl than 90 percent of the girls he knows.

Howard asked Rajee if she’s jealous of how she got her surgery done and didn’t get any cement in the process. Rajee said that she’s not jealous.

Howard asked if dudes fight over Isis. She said that she likes to go out and have fun but not at clubs where guys will fight over her.

Howard asked Isis what kind of panties she has on. She wasn’t going to show Howard. She said she will only show that during a photo shoot. She said she’ll only show it if she’s in Playboy. Howard told the guys to lay down a carpet for her to walk up and down like she’s on a runway. He got her to do that and she had that bad ass attitude like she thought she was a model. Howard said she’s having fun.

Howard said that they both had great stories. He said that he had fun talking to them. Howard said he’s sorry that Rajee got cement injected into her but you get what you pay for. Howard said he hopes she learned her lesson. Rajee said she did. Howard wrapped up and gave the girls some more plugs. Isis said you can follow her on Twitter @MissIsisKing.

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