Artie Lange hired by FOX Radio

Howard Stern may be avoiding Artie Lange’s phone calls, but Fox Sports Radio is ready to give the comedian his first shot at a comeback.

Artie appeared on Joe Matarese’s ‘Fixing Joe’ podcast Thursday morning and announced that his rumored Fox Sports Radio gig with Nick DiPaolo is officially a “definite go”.

“I guess this is a good place to announce that it looks like Nick DiPaolo and I will be doing a radio show starting, I think, September 12th on Fox Sports Radio. It’s going to be in like 250 markets around the country and me and Nick are real excited about it. We did a test show and it went well and we’re going to be doing like a sports/entertainment kind of comedy show. So, we’re really psyched about it. They have made an offer, nothing has been signed yet, but were gonna do it.”

-Artie Lange