Booey Bombing Fox

Monday morning, as New York’s local media outlets were scrambling to predict the next move for Occupy Wall Street protesters, FOX 5′s Good Day New York cut to reporter Antwan Lewis, who was stationed at Zuccotti Park, explaining how police had barricaded the area. In the middle of a sentence, a voice from off-screen shouted, “Baba Booey! Howard Stern‘s penis!”

The man then jumped into the background of the screen, screaming the phrase again. This time, it was caught by Fox censors, who killed the sound.

Benjy strikes again: Benjy Bronk Disrupts Rep. Weiner Resignation Announcement

AUDIO: Howard 100 News Coverage

You knew this wasn’t going to end smoothly. With dozens of cameras broadcasting live on more than a half dozen networks Rep. Anthony Weiner announced he was leaving his seat in Congress following a sexting scandal.

Midway through his announcement — hard to call it a news conference since he took no questions — a writer and performer from the Howard Stern show, Benjy Bronk, did what performers on the Howard Stern show do: he interrupted the news conference, yelling mostly inaudible comments directed at Weiner — specifically about the parts of his body that have been at the center of this sordid story from the beginning. Also, his last name.

“We could hear the heckling and the disgusting things quite frankly that were yelled,” said MSNBC’s Tamron Hall. “And maybe this is why he had to end this at this point,” she added.

“A lot of anger in that room,” said Martha MacCallum, asking her Fox News audience, “Did you hear the heckling?” Only CNN zoomed out to Bronk during the live announcement. Fox News replayed some of the heckling a few minutes after its conclusion.

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Geraldo Rivera (In Studio)

Howard asked Geraldo about what he is these days, a liberal or conservative. Geraldo said that he’s considered a radical left winger but he doesn’t think of himself like that. Howard asked Geraldo about some of the other guys over there and he said they don’t speak for him. Geraldo said that he actually voted for Obama. He said he doesn’t agree with the stuff they say about Obama over there at FOX.

Howard asked Geraldo if Michael Jackson really had no nose. Geraldo said that is true, Michael Jackson had no nose. He said he just had a bump there and a prosthetic that he’d wear in public. He said that they kept tinkering with him until he was beyond the point of no return.

Interview Transcript:

Howard came back and had Geraldo Rivera come in. Fred played their old ”Geraldo” introduction that they used to play.

Howard asked Geraldo about how he went to FOX news after having his own TV show. Howard said he walked away from the show after 11 years even though it was getting ratings. Geraldo said that he invented the ”Who’s your baby’s daddy” thing. He said he had a guy on the show who was abusive to his wife and he told him that the kid wasn’t even his kid. The guy walked off and thanked him and then he had to walk off the show himself. He said he just couldn’t do that shit anymore.

Howard asked Geraldo how old he is. He’s 66 and has a 4 year old kids. He said it’s harder than war. Howard asked if that’s why he puts himself in dangerous positions. Geraldo said that’s exactly why he does that.

Howard asked Geraldo about his young wife. Geraldo said that you can’t marry a woman who is of child bearing age and not have kids with them. He said that’s why he has the 4 year old. He said it’s not easy to have a kid but you get a lovely payback from them.

Howard asked Geraldo if his wife got back into shape. He said she’s a fanatic about being in shape so she is back in shape. She’s 35 years old. Howard said that’s awesome. He asked if he’s still having sex on a regular basis. Geraldo said that he is.

Geraldo told Howard that he’s been with her since 2000 and he’s very happy with her. Howard asked him when he got his first woman. He said he was in his mid-teens. Howard said that Geraldo’s last book was about all of the women he had. Howard brought up some of the women he had and tried to have. Barbara Walters was one he tried to make his moves on but that didn’t work. Geraldo said he tried everything but it didn’t work. He said she was busy doing interviews. Howard said he thinks that he could get her now. Geraldo said he thinks she’s still sexy.

Howard said that Geraldo must have had a pay cut when he went to FOX news. Geraldo said he went from $6 million to $2 million so it was a big cut. He said he was asking them to do some stuff from Afghanistan but they wanted him to stay at home. He said he want to the head of FOX and asked if he could go over there. They didn’t have a lot of money for him so he had to take that pay cut.

Howard asked Geraldo about his ex-wife and if all of his money goes out the window. Geraldo said he does spend a lot of money on divorce. He said he owns a private island in Puerto Rico and he’s doing okay. Howard said he has gone through a lot of money though.

Howard said Geraldo wrote this new book ”The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity” about how Hispanics are going to save the country. Geraldo said that there’s a lot about Latinos that gets lost in translation and they make it seem like they’re all sneaking across the boarders and they’re all wetbacks. He said that’s not the case and there are many doctors, lawyers, baseball players and more. He said that they’re not all chicken farmers either.

Geraldo used Sonia Sotomayor as an example. He talked about how she got to where she did and Howard said that was a case of Affirmative Action working for someone. Howard said he’s all for Affirmative Action himself.

Howard gave Geraldo a plug for his book and some appearances he was going to be making where he’ll be signing books.

Howard asked Geraldo about getting an interview with Michael Jackson’s mother. Geraldo said she trusts him. Howard said that Geraldo is convinced that he never sucked off a young boy. Geraldo said he never said that, he just said that he thinks that he was framed. Howard said he must think he wasn’t a pedophile. Geraldo said it is extremely unlikely that he ever put his pecker in a young boy. Geraldo said that he’s not sure about touching kids or anything like that. He said that he’s not sure where the whole criminal thing begins and the Peter Pan thing ends.

Geraldo said that he was one of Michael’s confidants in the 90s and he’d call him at all hours and talk to his kids. Howard told Geraldo that he was actually the one calling him at all hours doing his Michael Jackson impression.

Howard asked if he ever asked Michael not to call him in the middle of the night. Geraldo said that he was like a vampire so he was only awake at night. He said all of the times he saw him during the day he had the shades pulled and the lights off.

Howard asked Geraldo if he’d trust Michael with his kids. Geraldo said he wouldn’t trust anyone with his kids so that’s a ridiculous question.

Howard asked Geraldo about what’s going to happen to Jackson’s kids. Geraldo said that he was out with Michael one time and he had all three of his kids with him. Blanket was just a toddler at the time. Geraldo said that it was just him, Michael and the three kids hanging out. He said that Jackson didn’t have anyone helping him out with the kids at the time. He said he was just as normal as anyone with those kids. He said he doesn’t think that he was putting on a show for him either. He said that he was an excellent dad and he could tell from that day.

Robin asked Geraldo if he knew about the drug use. Geraldo said he has been with him when he would look you in the eye and talk to you but he’s also been with him when he’s curled up in the fetal position and not looking at him. He said he’s seen him go through those moods and now he knows why that was. He said it was a junkie’s behavior that he was going through.

Geraldo said he never did any hard drugs himself. He said he was paranoid about getting caught. Geraldo said that he used to hang out with Tommy Chong and he even said that if he had ever seen Geraldo doing anything, he would have written about it.

Howard asked Geraldo about the Jackson family and what Michael claimed his father did to him. Geraldo said that Michael got involved with this doctor who kept him cut off from the rest of his family and he’s not sure that Joe Jackson was as a bad a guy as they make him out to be. Geraldo said that Joe was turned into the bad guy and the fall guy and that’s what that was all about.

Geraldo talked about the pain killers that Jackson was on and how he thinks that this doctor is going to end up going to jail over it. He said that there may be other people who go down with him as well. Howard asked if every doctor that was involved is going to get into trouble. Geraldo said that a lot of those doctors may end up going down. Howard said that maybe Jackson was telling them that he was in pain and maybe they’re not guilty if he claimed he was in pain. Geraldo said that he thinks the evidence will show that they knew what was going on. He said he thinks that there may be other people, not in the medical field, that go down for it. It could turn into a big scandal.

Howard asked Geraldo about what he is these days, a liberal or conservative. Geraldo said that he’s considered a radical left winger but he doesn’t think of himself like that. Howard asked Geraldo about some of the other guys over there and he said they don’t speak for him. Geraldo said that he actually voted for Obama. He said he doesn’t agree with the stuff they say about Obama over there at FOX.

Howard asked Geraldo if he thinks that Bette Midler was the best lay he ever had. Geraldo said that writing that book was the worst thing he ever did. Artie asked what year he did her. Geraldo said that he had her in 1991.

Howard asked Geraldo about the old days with his last wife C.C. Geraldo said that he was monogamous with her and now he’s monogamous again with his new wife.

Howard asked Geraldo about the Iraq war and what he thinks about that. Geraldo said he was against it and still thinks it was a bad idea to go in there. Geraldo said he liked George W. Bush and it’s some of the other people in that administration that have to answer questions about why they did all of that.

Geraldo said that if Howard was in power you don’t know what you would have done back then. He said that’s why he cuts them all slack for what they did.

Howard was checking out some of Geraldo’s tattoos and asked him why he’s acting Latino all of a sudden. Howard said that he thought he was actually Jewish. Geraldo said that he is Jewish and he even had a ton of Catholics at his Bar Mitzvah.

Howard said he heard that Macauley Culkin is Blanket’s father. Geraldo said that he’s not sure about that. Geraldo said that he found that the kids were very normal from what he could tell. He said that you do see kids who are more affected than Jackson’s kids seemed to him. He said that he thinks that they are so normal because they got to spend time with their grandmother. He said it’s untrue that they never go to see their grandmother.

Howard asked Geraldo if Michael Jackson really had no nose. Geraldo said that is true. He said he just had a bump there and a prosthetic that he’d wear in public. He said that they kept tinkering with him until he was beyond the point of no return.

Geraldo said that Jackson seemed to be at peace with himself and that nose when he was around him. He said that it was shocking that it had gotten that bad but he seemed to be okay around some people with that nose. Geraldo said that the doctors were just trying to make money off the guy and he thinks that the state should have the ability to punish people who do that to people like Jackson.

Howard gave Geraldo some more plugs for his book ”The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity” and said that there are naked pictures of Bette Midler in the book. He was just joking about that though. Geraldo said the book starts off with an interview with J-Lo. Howard asked if he thinks that her ass is too big. Geraldo said he has a vision of Latino women that fits with that so he doesn’t find it that big. He said he doesn’t like twig like women.

Howard asked Geraldo about his private island and who goes with him. He said there is nothing there so his kids don’t even like going there. He said that he sails his boat down there and it takes him 8 days to get there. He said that he is the captain of the ship when he goes down. He said he knows how to get down there and it’s the same boat he sailed around the world.

Howard asked how much the island cost him. Geraldo didn’t want to say but he hinted that it was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. He said he had a house built there and he does have satellite TV there. He said that he keeps it as remote as he wants to. Geraldo said that he’d like to do Survivor Puerto Rico on the island some day. He said he did a mock version of it there himself.

Howard started to wrap up with Geraldo and thanked him for coming in. Geraldo said it was good to be back on the show after so long. He said he has been working with Beth on a couple of things lately with the North Shore Animal League.

Howard took a call from King of all Blacks who asked Geraldo about marrying a young woman and how he keeps her interested in him sexually. Howard said that he was arguing with Beth about something this weekend. He said that she had her period and he was very aroused. He needed release and he was going to go masturbate. He said he asked her to take care of him since there are other things she can do. She gave him a hard time and asked him to wait a day or two. Howard said he got upset about that.

Geraldo said that conversation isn’t that strange to him. He said that when you’re monogamous, you have to deal with that. Howard said that he’s put all his eggs in one basket and she has to deal with that kind of thing. Howard said he relies on Beth to make him feel attractive and he needs her to do that for him.

Geraldo said that he’s still doing it about 3 times a week. He said he’s still in good shape. Howard said he’s the same way. Howard asked if he thinks that he’s going to go all the way with this marriage. Geraldo said he does think he will. He said that he thinks that she’ll bury him.

Another caller said that Geraldo ruined his career. He said that he went up to an interview with Geraldo and he got treated like crap while the two female interns he worked with got all of the work. Geraldo said he has interns scattered throughout the industry. He said that he did treat the girls better and admitted to that.

Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said that she was at Willowbrook shortly before Geraldo exposed that place and she will never forget that. Howard said he didn’t hear one thing she said with that voice of her’s.

Another caller said that he agrees with Geraldo about the Hispanics helping the country. They spent a little more time talking about that.

Artie asked Geraldo about going to Afghanistan and if he felt the same way about Iraq. Geraldo said that it’s tough not to heed the drums of war and he was all hyped up for that whole thing when it happened. He said that they all knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction over there and we all kind of knew it at the time. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.

Howard Stern’s unaired FOX shows (Pilot)

Remember these are VHS transfers. Some of the quality may not be great but still it’s cool to relive the memories. These are large flash files so please allow time for buffering.


Stern began his television endeavours in May 1987 when WNYW, the flagship television station of the Fox Broadcasting Company, searched for a new late night talk show to replace The Late Show hosted by Joan Rivers. Five hour-long pilots were filmed at a cost of around $400,000, yet no air dates were finalised. By mid-July, with no formal announcement, Fox cancelled its option to carry the shows. Paul Noble, former executive producer for WNYW, was never told as to why the network set the pilots aside. “By today’s standards, they were absolutely tame.” But Noble added: “They were not the kind of thing that a local New York television station was prepared to get involved with at that time. It was more like off-the-wall radio.”

The five pilots featured Leslie West of rock band Mountain as band leader and Steve Rossi as the announcer.

The episodes can be found on the internet if you look hard enough.