Richard Christy creates 50-song Halloween soundtrack for the Blaze

Better known as a writer and on-air personality for Howard Stern’s radio show, Richard Christy drew from his experience as a musician to score the soundtrack for The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton-on-Hudson.

“I was obviously ecstatic, because I’m such a huge fan of the event,” Christy said. “I’ve been a big fan of horror movie soundtracks since I was a little kid. … This [Blaze soundtrack] is right up my alley. It’s the perfect thing for me.”

“I’d been familiar with the Blaze for many, many years,” Christy said. “I’d tried to go earlier, but it had always sold out before I got to go to it. So, I was really excited when I got to meet Rob, and I finally got to go.”

He wasn’t disappointed with what he saw.

“It exceeded my expectations,” he said. “I carve pumpkins myself, but I’m nowhere near the level of what the carvers from the Blaze are. … I think I was there for several hours, just amazed by the artistry and the whole aura of the whole event.”

Christy — who has toured internationally with hard-rock bands Charred Walls of the Damned, Death, Iced Earth, Incantation and Demons and Wizards — jumped at the opportunity. In April, Christy started working on the project whenever he wasn’t writing bits or making prank phone calls for Stern’s show.

“It was kind of like Halloween in May, June and July for me,” he said. “While I was working on the music, I got to light my pumpkin candle and drink some pumpkin beer in the summertime.”

“I not only had a blast writing the music, but now I can’t wait to visit the event and see it all come together.”