Show In The Hallway Episode 7 (S2)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

When you’re watching “Show In The Hallway” keep in mind the line between reality and scripted material is often blurred. In one scene in particular from “Artie’s Chair”, Sal complains to Richard about how Artie is constantly talking negatively about him on the air. The scene takes place in the bathroom just outside of the Stern Show hallway where Sal and Richard are pissing together. The bathroom has only one toilet. Sal and Richard weren’t taking turns but actually crossing streams. This seems like it was done for exaggerated comedic purposes only it wasn’t. This is what Sal and Richard actually do on a day to day basis! They claim it “saves time” because they are so busy. I’ve even heard them say “we do everything together”. Whatever the excuse is its just plain weird.

Show In The Hallway Episode 6 (S2)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

A few real life events led to the conception of the final episode of season 2, “In The Bag”. For example one part of the story really did happen. Sal drove into Manhattan on a weekend and parked in the parking garage where Gary parks. When Sal went to pay the attendant told him he can park in Gary’s spot for free because Gary is never in on the weekends. After this true event Sal imagined it could be easy for him rent out Gary’s parking spot for half price. Sal didn’t do this but it did inspire one of the storylines for “In The Bag.”

The second real life event that impacted this episode was the chance meeting of one of the actors. Co-director Jason Katz and I were walking through Penn Station when we met Alex, a midget street performer dressed like Michael Jackson and dancing to his songs. This was months before season 2 was even in pre-production but we both know we had to have Little Alex on the second season. Alex didn’t speak English too well and it was tough getting a hold of him on the phone. There were times when he wouldn’t return our calls for weeks and we were worried we might miss out on the chance to work with him. Alex finally got in touch with us and it’s a good thing he did because he delivered a few of the funniest images in “Show In The Hallway” history.

Show In The Hallway Episode 5 (S2)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

Season 2 of “Show In The Hallway” is full of celebrity cameos. You’ll see appearances by Richard Lewis, Jim Breuer, Robert Schimmel, Jerry O’Connell, and Colin Quinn among others. Surprisingly, filming with a scene with someone like Colin Quinn is a bit different than doing a scene with JD or Scott the Engineer. Here’s how shooting “Show In The Hallway” works with a celebrity works like Colin Quinn as an example.

Co-director Jason Katz and I saw Colin’s name on the schedule of upcoming guests on the Stern Show and we both immediately knew that we wanted a comic of his stature to be a part of the show. The procedure for shooting with celebrities has been to ask them to do the scene the day they come into the studio to do the show. Luckily Colin was a down to earth guy and agreed to do the scene with Sal and Doug Goodstein. Out of respect to the celebrities we shoot one take or sometimes two takes max. We do this for a few reasons.

Usually the celebrity has limited time because they are doing other shows that day. Also, we don’t want to take advantage of them because they do the scene for free. The celebrity by this point has also done a pre-interview with HTV, Howard’s interview, a post-interview with HTV, an interview with Lisa G, and maybe even audio drops for the Wrap Up Show or another show. We don’t want to stretch them too thin so five minutes seems appropriate. Since, we have only about five minutes with them so we need to be on top of our game.

Colin didn’t receive a script but was briefed by us on what the scene was about. Like a consummate professional he knew exactly what we wanted and executed the scene perfectly. Colin Quinn’s scene is in episode 2 entitled “Mr. Lotto”. Check it out. I promise you want be disappointed.

Show In The Hallway Episode 4 (S2)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

When we started working on season 2 of “Show in the Hallway” one of our hopes for the new season was to do an episode with Robin Quivers. But would Robin really want to do our show? She probably had boats to party on and $800 bottles of wine to drink. However, to our surprise, Robin agreed to do the episode. It wasn’t too hard coming up with a concept. Sal, Jason, and I knew right away we wanted to do a show about Robin and have her love interest be a younger man.

In one of Robin’s few acting roles since “Private Parts” Robin picks up right where she left off and did a tremendous job. In one scene she dines with a young male intern. Between takes Robin and Sandy, the actor playing the intern, got along pretty well. Perhaps we should have kept the cameras rolling because their conversations off camera are what we were looking for during the scene. Sandy asked Robin about her diet and her work on the show among other things. They seemed to be really getting along. Who knows? This could be a case of life imitating art.

Robin was great to work with. She was able to improv extremely well in every one of her scenes. Like a true professional she pulled it off naturally. I hope we can work with Robin again on season 3.

Show In The Hallway Episode 3 (S1)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

Even though the Stern Show hallway is where Show in the Hallway is based, the story actually travels all over New York City. This particular episode was filmed on location at the world famous Caroline’s Comedy Club. As always, we had many scenes to shoot and a limited amount of time to shoot them, but there was another detail that made this shoot’s success even more important: Howard’s wife Beth Stern was scheduled to appear in three scenes.

Beth came in with a great attitude and no ego whatsoever. I suggested she stay in her own private dressing room, yet she declined and waited with all the extras. When on camera, she looked great and did an amazing job. She even got a little payback on Sal for all the jokes he’s made about her in the past, but again, not worth reading, it’s worth seeing.

The shoot at Caroline’s was complicated by a large number of extras. More people mean more mouths to feed and, more often than not, more problems as well. Luckily, the extras on this particular day were great and even though they didn’t get paid, they did a tremendous job. We later found out one extra was a total super fan because when he saw Sal he was star struck. “I can’t believe I’m standing next to THE Sal the Stockbroker”, he said. He was also impressed with Beth to say the least and said “Wow, Beth. That’s probably as close as I’m ever going to come to meeting Howard.”

Another fun scene worth mentioning takes place at Sirius and features actressMia Andersonand the tiny bodyguardRonnie Mund. In the scene, Mia had to act head over heels for Ronnie! Obviously, this proves that Mia is a phenomenal actress.
This was the last episode of season one, but don’t worry, season two is coming soon. I want to thank everyone involved in the project; from the cast, to the crew, to everyone at Howard TV.

See you next season!

Show In The Hallway Episode 2 (S1)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

The second episode centers on the feud between the Stern Show’s loveable nerd JD, and office stud, Jared. Our next celebrity guest appearance was by THE John Stamos. He was filmed just ten minutes before his appearance on Howard’s radio show and I should remind you, this was not scripted. The scene would rely entirely on the improvisational skills of Stamos and Sal after receiving a plot line. It was nerve racking – could Stamos improv? There was no time for a second take because, like I said, Stamos was only minutes away from appearing on air. (Side note: John Stamos is the most confident human being I ever met. Then again, if you take a look at some of the girls he’s been with, you completely understand where that confidence comes from.) Anyway, Stamos understood exactly what we wanted in the scene and we were ready to shoot.

Moral of the story: Stamos can improv. He absolutely nailed the scene on the first try. He riffed back and forth with Sal in a fashion you’d expect from a professional improve comedian. The topics included: Howard, Sal’s wife, John’s balls, and of course Full House,. As you can imagine, the scene turned out to be incredible.

The episode also includes the acting chops of Ronnie the Limo Driver. Ronnie, who should never be confused with John Stamos for acting ability (or for any other reason), generates plenty of laughs as a pint sized, tough guy bodyguard. I could try to tell you how funny it is to watch Ronnie try to rule the Stern Show hallway, but you really need to see it out for yourself.