Howard got it first

Tina Fey on the Howard Stern Show 11/16/06.

Tina wrote the movie ”Mean Girls” and wrote it from her point of view because that’s what she was like. She said she didn’t start having sex until she was 24 years old which surprised Howard. Robin read that she was a virgin right up until she met her husband.

David Letterman, 10/14/09

All the sites picked it up from The Lettermen Show but wheres Howard’s credit?

The life of Artie Lange (Happening now)

1. Artie pondered about what conversations him and his dad would have if his father was still alive. He thought after he punched him in the face for doing drugs, he would ask him for $10,000.

2. The title of Artie’s next book is a toss up between “Comfortably Dumb” (something his mom said) and “College is for Losers” (something his dad said). Howard said he liked the later.

3. Artie accidentally said “Dana” this morning when talking about Lisa’s cooking.

4. Tonight Artie is throwing out the first pitch for the Newark Bears.

5. Artie admitted to having sex with Dana in a cab after going to the strip club with her.

6. Artie on the wrap up show said he considers switching camps because the Yankees are no longer a blue collar team.

7. He also said he never saw his own website.