CNN’s Piers Morgan on Howard Stern

CNN’s very own Piers Morgan sat down with legendary broadcaster Howard Stern. The interview took an odd turn when Morgan seemingly blamed his low ratings on there being a lack of news to cover. Despite his claims, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly doesn’t seem to be struggling.

Howard and Piers have been friends for quite some time now, but Stern didn’t hold back from reminding the Brit of some advice he once offered. The shock jock told the journalist that hosting a prime time news program wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought.

Metallica on The Howard Stern Show

Metallica on The Howard Stern Show – a date that will surely go down in Stern Show history – the heaviest band of all time sat down for a beautiful interview and three ass-kicking songs.

Metallica on Howard Stern Show WallpaperThe band performed their first huge hit (and first music video) “One”. James said his brother told him about the book “Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trumbo, which is about a World War I soldier who wakes up in a hospital without his arms, legs or face – he’s a prisoner in his own body. Howard theorized that the song was about James – about his childhood – and James didn’t disagree.

Next up was the ballad “Nothing Else Matters”. James was embarrassed to share the song with Lars, because it was very different from the heavy rock Metallica was known for. It was about an old girlfriend, but Lars loved it and said James needn’t be embarrassed. “There’s always an open-door policy.”

Finally, the biggest gun, “Enter Sandman”. James said that, not surprisingly, this is a song about nightmares – specifically, the desire to protect your children and the fact that you can’t protect their dreams. Then Lars chimed in with a fact that even Richard Christy didn’t know – the song was originally about crib deaths. James threw a line in referencing crib deaths in their incredible performance.

Artie Lange may be done.


Artie Lange was rushed to a local hospital in New Jersey today for undisclosed reasons.

A rep for Lange tells TMZ:

“I can confirm that Artie is in the hospital. Artie has chosen to keep all information on this matter between him and his doctor. There will be no further comment.”

Lange has been absent from “The Howard Stern Show” for the past few weeks

Howard Stern Recap December 10, 2009

Howard Plays Some Porn And Chuck Zito Show Clips. 12/10/09. 6:00am

Show opening bits and songs included: A Lisa Lampanelli comedy bit, A Jay Leno interview with James Garner clip, John the Stutterer song parody medley, Tracy Bonham performing ”Mother Mother” live in the Howard Stern Show studio.

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Howard Stern Tuesday, December 8, 2009 show recap

Artie Returns Thanks To Klonopin. 12/08/09. 6:00am

Show opening bits and songs included: Fred the Elephant Boy classified ad voice mail, Joe Walsh performing ”Rocky Mountain Way” live on the Howard Stern Show.

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Artie Lange new interview

Q. What is your gut feeling on whether Howard will re-sign with Sirius/XM?

A. You know, honestly, everybody thinks that we all have inside information. I really don’t. I don’t think Howard even knows now. I’m pretty positive negotiations haven’t started. My gut feeling is, if he does come back, there will be an amendment in the schedule, in some way, shape or form. But I don’t know anything at all about that.

Q. Does your second book have a title, or a tentative release date yet?

A. The tentative title is “College Is For Losers,” which is a quote my father said to me. No release date: We’re hopin’ for the Fall.

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Howard Stern top 10 of 2009

#10: Reggie Jackson interview: Baseball legend Reggie Jackson gave Howard Stern a down and dirty interviewed that revealed Jackson’s Viagra usage and his penchant for masturbation.

#9: ‘You’ve been Richard Christy’ed’: The perpetually filthy Richard Christy announced to the Howard Stern Show community that he was suffering from a disgusting skin infection known as ‘MRSA’. After freaking out the germaphobic Howard, Richard burst into the studio, announced his skin infection was a fake he created with stage make-up and proclaimed ‘You’ve been Richard Christy’ed!’ The ensuing lambasting he received from Howard was epic.

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