Quentin Tarantino in Studio

Quentin Tarantino was in the Howard Stern Show studios on Monday morning talking about his new film Inglourious Basterds starring Brad Pitt.  Quentin Tarantino talked to Howard Stern and the cast at Sirius studios about landing Brad Pitt for the leading role, dating in Hollywood and the rumors that Quentin Tarantino’s mom won’t stop spreading about his IQ.

Quentin Tarantino said that he never considered anyone but Brad Pitt for the role of the leader of the Jewish-American Nazi-hunters in Inglourious Basterds.  Tarantino also said that if Pitt hadn’t taken the part, he had no back up plan to cast another actor.  “It would have been a totally different part if I hadn’t gotten him.”  Lucky for Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt was more than game for the role.  Tarantino says he sealed the deal to cast Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds at Pitt’s home in France while Angelina Jolie was still in a French hospital recovering from after giving birth to twins.

In classic Howard Stern style, the King of All Media also grilled Tarantino about his previous romantic entanglements.  Although Tarantino admitted to “banging” Margaret Cho and “making out” with Kathy Griffin, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Pulp Fiction clammed up when Howard Stern tried to gather details on his rumored relationship with Kill Bill star Uma Thurman.  Tarantino held firm on his refusal to discuss his relationship history with the woman many consider to be his “muse,” but listeners could practically hear Tarantino turning red when Howard Stern dug for details.

Howard Stern also took a few moments to investigate the rumor that Quentin Tarantino has an IQ of 160.  Quentin Tarantino stated that he had “no idea” if that was true and claims that it’s a rumor spread by his doting mother when his career first got off the ground.  It seems even little boys that make movies about scalping Nazis and cutting off the ears of police officers can still pass as mommy’s little angel.

Artie Lange for next Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey

An anonymous Artie Lange fan who refers to himself only as Bob Abouey has started a grass roots campaign to elect the Howard Stern Show co-host as the next Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey. Hoboken’s recently elected Mayor Peter Cammarano served only 30 days in office before being he was arrested for participating in an international corruption scandal. A special election for the Mayor of Hoboken position is scheduled for this November.

On August 11th, Bob Abouey launched a press release announcing the Artie Lange for Mayor campaign. In addition to praising Artie Lange for his down-to-earth life approach,

Bob Abouey pointed to several other qualities that made him a good match for the Hoboken Mayor position:
A former longshoreman with a rap sheet should have no problem getting elected in Hoboken. It’s practically a requirement. The fact that he was All-County in high school is icing on the cake.

Abouey openly admits that the Artie Lange for Mayor campaign doesn’t have the official endorsement of the candidate himself. Artie Lange’s boss Howard Stern, however, is in full support of the campaign. The King of All Media suggested it would be a good opportunity for Lange to do some public service. Howard Stern also suggested that as his first order of business, Artie Lange could pardon himself for his recent DUI charge. And on top of it all, offered Stern as an additional selling point: “You could legalize heroin.

With Stern’s encouragement, Artie Lange took an on-air moment to contemplate his platform and then proudly announced:

I would legalize all drugs and tax the s— out of them,” said Lange. With Artie Lange as Mayor, it seems Hoboken would become a real life version of Amsterdam from Season 3 of The Wire.

And what Artie Lange do with all of that drug revenue? Police would get $200,000 a year and firemen would start at $150,000.

David Abrams gets to "Meet Howard Stern"

He’s the winner of the“Meet Howard Stern” auction on EBay to benefit the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund.  Last Wednesday night, Abrams made the winning bid of $10,601 for the privilege of sitting in on a live broadcast of  The Howard Stern Show.

David Abrams is a 35-year-old video game website owner currently living in Tokyo with his wife and son.  Abrams, who says he’s been listening to Howard Stern for 20 years, says he literally won the auction in the final second:

“Like most experienced eBayers, I wanted to bid at the very end of the auction,” said Abrams. “When the auction got down to 3 minutes left, I started to get big time butterflies in my stomach because I really felt like I had a chance to win. The plan was to put my bid in with 15 seconds left, but I almost missed out altogether because I forgot to login ahead of time! I literally got my bid in with 1 second left.”

Abrams was planning to visit family in New York at the end of the month and hopes to cash in his “Meet Howard Stern” voucher then.  He couldn’t be more pleased about the chance to mingle with radio’s most notorious and beloved band of social misfits

“Howard is one of the greatest performers of all time and has provided me with an incredible amount of entertainment over most of my adult life.  The opportunity to see him and the gang in action is such an exciting and rare experience, I just want to take it all in.”

Beth joining Dancing with the Stars?

While fans of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars wait with bated breath for the announcement of the “celebrities” scheduled to cut a rug for the upcoming ninth season, gossip speculators are going wild trying to predict what B-listers will take the dance floor this time around. With names like Sherri Shepherd, LaToya Jackson and Paula Abdul being bandied about as possibilities, those with their finger on the pulse of the celebrity buzz scene may be overlooking one very attractive prospect: Mrs. Howard Stern.

Howard Stern has said that his wife/model/entertainment correspondent/animal activist/trophy “Beth O” will be traveling to Los Angeles next month to participate in a televised reality show in some capacity, but the King of All Media is keeping quiet on the details. Although Howard Stern has stated that Beth O is scheduled to be gone on her mysterious Hollywood mission for “about a month” (probably not long enough to be on Dancing with the Stars) some fans see the statement as the weakest of subterfuge.

Beth O’s imminent departure has been a hot topic on The Howard Stern Show, with many of Howard Stern’s cast members projecting that their leader will enter a cranky tailspin while his queen is away. The Sterns are fans of Dancing with the Stars, and Howard Stern regularly discusses the reality show on-air.

Howard Stern Collects $10,601 On Ebay.

A winning eBay bidder and one guest will be hanging out with Howard Stern in studio at The Howard Stern Show in New York. While the price of $10,601 (proceeds donated to charity) does not include travel or accommodations, it does offer a rather unique insiders view of the Howard Stern show.

The winner and their guest will spend approximately 1 hour in the studio. Because Howard Stern tapes without a studio audience. The winner will be amongst few who have ever sat in the room with the talent while a taping took place.

CNBC host blames Howard Stern for bankrupting (video)

Howard Stern and his band of gleeful misfits were back live on the air Monday morning after another long and torturous week for fans stuck in humorless traffic. The King of All Media wasted on Monday’s broadcast to respond to mudslinging he received from the mainstream media during his on-air absence.

Reuters reported last week that Sirius XM posted a quarterly net loss of about 1% last quarter, but also reported that the loss of subscribers for the quarter was lower than expected.

Instead of attributing the decrease in subscribers and revenue to the recession and huge drop in auto sales (which is where most satellite radio subscriptions are sold), CNBC’s Dennis Kneale blamed Howard Stern’s high price tag for Sirius XM’s financial woes.

After complimenting Sirius XM executive Mel Karmazin as a “great salesman,” Dennis Kneale went on to say: “…in the end, does it turn out they just overpaid for Howard Stern and they have too much debt? I wonder if John Malone bailed them out temporarily hoping that they kind of go belly-up so they can get a hold of those assets really cheap.”
If there’s anyone who’s used to getting no respect from the mainstream media, it’s Howard Stern. Still, the King of All Media took offense to Kneale’s characterization of him as a drain on Sirius XM’s resources. On Monday morning’s broadcast of The Howard Stern Show, Stern offered an alternate perspective on Sirius XM’s financial situation.

Howard Stern claims that it was the millions of subscribers that he and his team of grown-up juvenile delinquents brought to Sirius that brought XM satellite radio “to its knees” and forced the merger between the two satellite giants. Howard Stern also pointed out that during conference calls with Mel Karmazin, Karmazin always emphasizes that the only program on Sirius XM radio that’s paying for itself is The Howard Stern Show.
Despite the fact that Howard Stern has grown a pretty thick shell after three decades of abuse from the mainstream media, he still threw a minor hissy fit in response to Dennis Kneale’s accusation:

“Why does everyone HATE me?” barked Stern in frustration on Monday morning’s broadcast. Howard Stern and his sidekicks discussed the other significant costs on Sirius XM’s balance sheet. Sirius XM has had to pay major fees for Major League Baseball and other big name talent like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart. Howard Stern pointed out that these other high cost channels aren’t bringing in anywhere near the level of revenue associated with The Howard Stern Show.

How did Artie lose all that weight? Down to 230 pounds.

The incredible shrinking Artie Lange reported this week that his weight is down somewhere “in the 230s.”  The talented but tormented co-host of The Howard Stern Show’s weight topped out around 300 pounds last year during a self-destructive tailspin that included wild eating and drinking binges and abuse of both heroin and Subutex, a drug designed to ease heroin withdrawals.

Six months ago, it looked like Artie Lange was on the express train to a Chris Farley style end.  Now, with a new, hot girlfriend he found in a New Jersey tanning salon and a newfound interest in jet skiing, Artie Lange seems to be back from the dead.

Yes, jet-skiing.  On Monday morning’s broadcast of The Howard Stern Show, Artie Lange attributed part of his weight loss to his new addiction to jet-skiing.  Apparently, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.  Jet skiing for an hour is reported to burn 460 calories for a person weighing 145 pounds, and even more for a heftier comedian-type rider.

Artie Lange says to lose another 30 pounds to get down to his goal weight of 200, he plans to “get serious” with regular trips to the gym.

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