SiriusXM Bringing Back HowardTV Style Video Service

SiriusXM has committed to launching a Howard Stern video service similar to HowardTV. The possibility of an on-demand video service has been a subject of much discussion ever since HowardTV was closed. SiriusXM will draw on 30 years of Stern interviews for Howard Stern video service starting this summer.

In its most recent quarterly conference call SiriusXM CEO James Meyer used the anticipated launch of a new and redesigned app for SiriusXM to segway into discussion of video offerings, which led to much awaited news about Howard Stern video.

“With the new app in the marketplace, our plan is to launch video, first with Howard Stern in the second quarter and then follow-up later in ’18 with additional short-form content from around the SiriusXM bundle. Let me be clear, we are waiting into the video pool, not diving headfirst. Our approach to video is just one part of our non-stop effort to add value to the SiriusXM experience, and that always starts with our content.”

“I know our Howard customers absolutely are going to want Howard video. I don’t even need to do the research. Howard customers want one thing: more Howard.” – James E. Meyer Chief Executive Officer, SiriusXM.

If SiriusXM can establish a solid video offering to their current customer base and attract some new customers with it, eventually SiriusXM Video could be a stand-alone product.

The video product will be part of SiriusXM All Access, which at $20.99 a month is about a $5 premium over the regular service. With a wide variety of compelling stations, a massive number of partnerships with car manufacturers, and a smart business plan, SiriusXM has become one of the most successful entertainment companies.