Ronnie’s Superman Tattoo (SCORESMAN got a Tattoo)

Ronnie has a history of poor ink choices: His shark that’s peppered with the moles that cover his body, his “panther” that looks like a salamander, and now his new statement: the New Superman logo on his arm.

Ronnie Superman TattooRonnie is well known as a massive fanatic of the comic book hero Superman. Oh wait, no he isn’t. He knows little to nothing about the guy.

So why did he get a reminder of him permanently inked on his body? Because he liked the logo.

It’s also a very, very subtle way to display his girlfriend’s initials – which are S. C. – because if you get a jewelers loupe and you’re under halogen lights, you can see a tiny “c” incorporated into the logo.

Howard still wholeheartedly approved of the Batman logo he’d shaved into his mustache, but not the Superman logo he’d inked into his arm.

Ronnie the Limo Driver Makes the News

Who is Ronnie the Limo Driver?

The part of the country that doesn’t listen to Howard Stern and his pranksters learned the answer to that question when Captain Janks decided to prank CBS LA into putting him live on the air as a spokesman for California Department of Fish and Game druing the Christopher Dorner standoff.

“We believe it was Ronnie the limo driver who filed at Mr. Dorner,” Janks said. “He was on his way to a block party and got caught in the fire-out.”

Ronnie hosts Rick’s Cabaret 7th Anniversary

Formerly known as Scores, now famous for its beautiful showgirls and gourmet steakhousey, Rick’s Cabaret had a number of events commemorating its 7th anniversary in New York.

Howard Stern Show’s Sal Governale and Ronnie Mund were special guest hosts at one of the parties.

“I love all the Rick’s clubs, and Rick’s Cabaret New York is really amazing. The party was awesome,” said Ronnie the Limo Driver. “Rick’s Cabaret has so many incredibly hot girls,” said Sal the Stockbroker. “It’s like Disneyland for adult men.”

JD fires Ronnie the limo driver


JD said he listened to like 5 minutes of Ronnie’s show and got bored so he stopped. He said that Scott the Engineer wasn’t able to listen to it either. JD said they tried to listen to a story about Ronnie selling a lease on his truck and it was impossible to follow. Howard then offered JD to cancel the show. JD left without deciding but later came in the studio again.

Howard told JD it’s up to him. He asked JD if he wanted to give him a shot doing his show once in a while or should they take it away permanently. JD told Howard to just cancel it. He said if there’s an outcry for the show then they can bring it back. Howard said there won’t be any outcry.

Howard said he told JD he had the power. Howard asked him if he wanted to cancel it or not. Ronnie came in and JD told Ronnie that his show was canceled. Howard said that JD just canceled Ronnie’s show. JD was laughing during the whole thing. Ronnie said that it meant a lot to him to have that show.

JD told Howard to go ahead and cancel it. Howard said it’s done then. Howard told Ronnie that the show is canceled. Ronnie said ”Whatever… ” Howard asked Ronnie if he had anything to say to JD. Ronnie said that he gave him the power to do it so that’s fine. He said he goes by what Howard says and Howard gave JD the power so he’s just going to walk away. He said he’ll never speak to JD again though.

Show In The Hallway Episode 2 (S1)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

The second episode centers on the feud between the Stern Show’s loveable nerd JD, and office stud, Jared. Our next celebrity guest appearance was by THE John Stamos. He was filmed just ten minutes before his appearance on Howard’s radio show and I should remind you, this was not scripted. The scene would rely entirely on the improvisational skills of Stamos and Sal after receiving a plot line. It was nerve racking – could Stamos improv? There was no time for a second take because, like I said, Stamos was only minutes away from appearing on air. (Side note: John Stamos is the most confident human being I ever met. Then again, if you take a look at some of the girls he’s been with, you completely understand where that confidence comes from.) Anyway, Stamos understood exactly what we wanted in the scene and we were ready to shoot.

Moral of the story: Stamos can improv. He absolutely nailed the scene on the first try. He riffed back and forth with Sal in a fashion you’d expect from a professional improve comedian. The topics included: Howard, Sal’s wife, John’s balls, and of course Full House,. As you can imagine, the scene turned out to be incredible.

The episode also includes the acting chops of Ronnie the Limo Driver. Ronnie, who should never be confused with John Stamos for acting ability (or for any other reason), generates plenty of laughs as a pint sized, tough guy bodyguard. I could try to tell you how funny it is to watch Ronnie try to rule the Stern Show hallway, but you really need to see it out for yourself.