Did Robin finish the New York Marathon?

-Robin says her transmitter wasn’t working
-The transmitter shows her clocking in at the same times as her trainer, and finishing at 6:09. Their numbers are exact with the exception of two checkpoints, where they are off by one second each.
-It would seem improbable that they cross at exactly the same times, but not impossible since we are dealing with seconds, not miliseconds. However, how are there transmitter times for her at all if hers was malfunctioning?
-One runner posted here that you can call and ask them to have your partner/trainer’s time show up as the same as yours. But then what’s with the disparity on those two instances where the times were indeed off by a second.
-Then again, I was in the thread as people were tracking her throughout the race, so it was clearly working then. Are we to believe it broke at the beginning, they spotted the mistake, and got organizers to tie their times together from the beginning?
-If she merely affixed the transmitter to her trainer from the beginning in anticipation of bowing out early, then the trainer was certainly trying to “sell” the lie as their times slowed down to a crawl by the last 10 or so miles. Makes more sense that they were together and had to ease it down because she was having trouble finishing, doesn’t it?

-Some are questioning whether she ran it at all, but there is clear photo and video proof of her at various stages.
-That photo proof appears to end at Mile 16, when she meets Maryann and tells Lisa G she is “dead”
-Despite her expensive trainer, she’s loaded up like a pack mule with a shitload of gear, included a hat, glasses, jacket or some shit wrapped around her waist.
-Acknowledges leaving multiple times for bagels, which is odd because she has been training for this run and the “gel” used by professionals never failed her before. Question raised over whether this would be wise to keep expending extra energy to veer off course, as well as the issue of starting and stopping
-Her trainer explains this by saying that either psychologically or physiologically, her body required actual food
-Runners, however, also report that there are food and beverage stations with bananas and other items for consumption.

-A team of six people with HTV as well as mainstream media somehow missed her – a minority woman who would stand out more than most of the whitebread runners.
-There are pictures of all celebrities except Robin. However, one could argue that she is somewhat disguised with all of her gear, and she is hardly a major celebrity and didn’t have any clear logos (Jared from Subway had a black shirt with a Subway logo across his chest, along with a team of people with him with the same outfit. Easily spotted.) Robin did have a “15” on her shirt, however, signifying the “15 Foundation” charity she was running for
-Runners have said that the photo is the crowning achievement of finishing, but Ms. 34 seems completely uninterested in memorializing this special moment with any sort of celebratory photo
-Lisa G was there to meet her, was on Facebook talking about it, but then went silent
-One runner said here that it is possible that her transmitter was covered/obstructed, but she said she finished at the same time as her trainer, so the pictures will show them.
-She says no one was around them, but the finish times appear to show a dozen people finishing within the same minute as her. Not exactly isolated.
-Photos will be posted of those who finished, either of her trainer or of others who finished in the same time frame that would seemingly answer this question easily

-Has her phone on her when Gange calls, advises she is on her way home
-Leaves without even looking for the people who were there for her, though this could be explained by being disoriented, tired, or sick.
-Goes to an “after-party,” is photographed with her medal
-Some have posted that everyone gets a medal prior to the race – is this actually true?
-She reports that she went back home and had Chinese food

-Is able to come to work, seemingly in good spirits, does not complain about being weary or sore. No discussion of anyone observing her limping around the office.
-Some runners have commented here that even after half marathons, they felt like they’d been hit by a train. In fact, she is photographed wearing boots that hardly appear comfortable.
-Says she’d like to move on during discussion of the race, appears to not express interest or enthusiasm in it
-No Twitter messages since Saturday, not even to pat herself on the back or thank supporters. Random Twitter people ganging up on her, demanding an apology, but no response.