Maria Menounos Getting Through Brain Surgery Recovery With the Help of Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern Show regular Maria Menounos was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April and is now recovering from the seven-hour surgery that successfully removed the tumor.

Menounos wrote that she will not need further treatments. Although Maria’s tumor was benign, she seems to be recovering well with the help of Howard Stern. Hollywood Life reported that Menounos has had the Howard Stern “show on at all times” during recovery.

“The support that Maria is getting is overwhelming and deeply appreciated,” a source revealed. “It’s been tough, with lots of tears shed but one thing that has helped immensely has been laughter and she has got tons of that laughter from listening to Howard Stern. She has his show on at all times and it has made her laugh continuously throughout her current health scare,” the source continued.

“Every time she has felt down in any way she will put him on and it’s been one of the major factors of getting through all of this.” The solace that Howard’s show has brought Maria is not usually what the controversial shock jock is put in the spotlight for but we’re so glad to hear it’s helping her!

Seems that Howard has meant a lot for her in recovery. Maria also has shared her difficulty in starting a family with fiance Keven Undergaro, who proposed to her on the Stern show last year, and how they are turning to IVF for help.