Artie talks about dui case

Artie told the crew about pleading guilty to DUI charges over the weekend, explaining that he’d taken two prescribed sleeping pills the night before and may have been experiencing what the court called, “the rebound effect” of the medication. Artie said he’d taken the pills as prescribed by his doctor and could have won the case if he wanted to go through with the trial, but he didn’t want to put his family through that – or pay the lawyer’s fees.

High Pitch Erik: Court Appearance

High Pitch Erik (aka Erik Bleaman)appeared in court on August 24th for his latest court appearance. Erik has a new lawyer. His previous lawyer told the District Attorney that Erik had “worked” for the Howard Stern Show (as employment) and that he was fully able to pay restitution.

Erik’s current lawyer explained to the court that his client is not employed, hasn’t been employed, is under psychiatric care/therapy and taking medication. He expressed that Erik is currently technically “homeless” etc etc etc. He asked for an adjournment to gather documentation of the above, including medical records, etc. He did express that Erik is living on unemployment, and a small allocation of food stamps. Erik’s treatment is being paid for by Medicaid.

The judge therefore gave him this one last adjournment for the lawyer to get everything together to be presented again October 29th.