The $375,000 Interview with Oksana Grigorieva

When Oksana Grigorieva chose to speak of her ex Mel Gibson to Howard Stern, she made a big mistake, one that will cost her $375,000, according to a Friday report from TMZ.

Under the her agreement with Mel, the singer was not supposed to discuss him at all. The comments were made four months ago, but only now has a judge decided they were in violation of that agreement, according to TMZ.

Oksana Grigorieva was receiving payments as part of the $750,000 settlement with Gibson after a nasty split in 2010 that included claims of physical abuse and a leaked tape recording where the actor belligerently berates her.

Howard Stern Overpaid? gained exclusive access to the affidavits filed by Howard Stern and his agent Don Buchwald Tuesday.

Buchwald’s affidavit alleges that Karmazin is bitter about the deal Stern landed in 2006 and told Sirius XM President Scott Greenstein that he felt Stern was greatly overpaid.

“Scott Greenstein has told me a number of times that Karmazin is unhappy with the size of the Agreement that was negotiated and agreed to by his predecessor, and that Karmazin has said that if he had been CEO at the time, he would have given Stern much less and not given into our demands. He might have tried to do that, but in this case, as I told Scott Greenstein more than once, Sirius would not have gotten Stern.”

Stern’s personal affidavit was logical, but also deeply emotional. Stern wrote:

“Last year, Sirius celebrated having more than 20 million subscribers by taking out ads in the media and throwing a Paul McCartney concert to commemorate this historic event. I went to that concert, and it was simulcast on one of my channels. I do not understand how the company can brag to the world that it has more than 20 million subscribers, and then turn around and tell me that only half of them count. All of these subscribers are subscribers of Sirius. Sirius has pointed to them as a measure of the company’s success, and the whole purpose of the performance-based stock awards was to allow me to share in that success.”

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