Tracey vs Grillo Fight

Howard said that as long as they’re on fights, since he and Fred are going at it, he was going to play some audio from the Intern Show where Tracey the office manager and Steve Grillo were fighting. Grillo had invited the interns and Tracey out to the bar where he works and he was supposed to take care of them. Tracey ended up taking care of the bill because they didn’t have enough money with them that night.

Howard played the clip where Tracey yelled at Grillo on the Intern Show and then played Grillo’s taped message about that situation. Grillo said he wasn’t able to get a word in during that call so he taped this message for them to defend himself. Howard played more of that argument from last week’s Intern Show and said it was pretty interesting to hear. Artie seemed to be enjoying it as well. He said there’s no winning in an argument with that chick. She was pretty brutal with Grillo.

Howard had Mike the intern on the phone and he was saying that he could back up Tracey’s side of the story. Howard said that they have to listen to Steve’s side of the story though so he played the audio clip a short time later. Grillo said that his microphone was turned down in that Intern Show call and now it sounds like that ”fuckin bitch” got one over on him. Grillo goes on and on talking about how he brought people to the restaurant and rambled on and on about how they were taking advantage of his kindness. He said that they were ordering top shelf liquor and they can’t comp that stuff. As Grillo was going on and on Howard and Artie were laughing at him.

Howard said it sounds like Grillo was saying that he had offered them free drinks but when they started ordering the good stuff, they decided not to comp them. So he was basically backing up Tracey’s story. That led to Fred doing his impression of Grillo and making fun of his comments. Howard got back to the clip and Grillo just goes on and on calling Tracey a bitch over and over and saying that she was out of line.

Grillo said that Tracey abuses Howard Stern’s name and she used it there at the bar. He also said that she’s just an intern wrangler. Howard said he’d like to see Tracey and Steve in the Bubba-gon. He said that might be some good cross promotion for the show.

Howard said that Grillo’s wife also had some comments about Tracey. She was saying that it was wrong of her to do that to her husband and she also said that alcohol has calories so she should watch it. Howard and the guys pointed out some of the comments that Grillo had made and goofed on him about those.

Howard replayed the audio of Steve going off on Tracey from the start and had everyone laughing at him again. He says that he’s dumbfounded at one point in the clip so the guys goofed on that. Howard said they have to take that tape, cut it up, and make it into a phony phone call. He kept playing the clip and laughing at Steve’s comments.

Gary said that Steve the Intern was saying that he doesn’t get that top shelf liquor thing because most of the guys were drinking Bud that night. He heard that one guy ordered some Petrone. Steve came into the studio and told Howard that there were 8 people there and only one of them was drinking the good stuff. The rest of them were drinking Bud Light. He said that nothing was comped at all so he’s not sure what Grillo was talking about.

Ralph called in and said that he’s been talking to Grillo lately and he’s just crazy because he doesn’t know what he did. He said that he just admitted that he did wrong when he brought up that top shelf thing. Howard said he thinks Grillo does his best when he’s angry. Fred did more of his impression of Grillo and got Howard in on it as well.

Howard said they have to have Grillo back in there. He played more of him going off on Tracey where he was talking about how much of a bitch Tracey is and how the interns all hate her. Gary said that the visual in this clip is great because Grillo is going off on Tracey while his wife is sitting there nodding her head. It’s all on camera and it’ll be on Howard TV eventually.