Howard Stern: Donald Trump is PISSED he won.

Howard Stern recently had a caller ask him if he had any memories of Donald Trump being at his wedding. Stern spent less time reminiscing about his wedding and more time giving his thoughts on now President, Donald Trump.

“I personally wish that he had never run, I told him that, because I actually think this is something that is gonna be detrimental to his mental health too, because, he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved,” Stern said.

Howard went on to call his current relationship with Trump is “weird.”

“I use to hear from Donald all the time and now I don’t as much. Maybe he’s mad that I was a Hillary Clinton voter.”

“It’s a sad thing. I know Donald. I know him well and he would call me all the time. Maybe at some point, he was like, hey you’re not campaigning for me.”

Or maybe “Donald” is busy running the country. Stern also alluded to some kind of conspiracy that Donald Trump wasn’t actually looking to become The President of the United States. Instead, Trump ran as a publicity stunt in hopes of receiving a larger paycheck from NBC.

Howard Stern: I told you what I believe. Here’s what happened. So, when Donald’s first book came out it was called Art of the Deal. He wasn’t that famous. He had to sell books. He said I’m thinking about running for president and the book sold like crazy. And a couple years later, he put out the second book and it coincided with an election. And there was a rumor out, Trump’s going to run for president, which he started. The second book sold well.

And then his deal with NBC was coming up for renegotiation and I don’t think NBC was going to air [Celebeirty Apprentice]. So he said what the fuck I’ll throw my hat in. It was good television but this time he announced: I’m running. So what happened is he started winning primaries and getting big crowds.

Robin Quivers: I thought he was making ridiculous statements so people wouldn’t vote for him. But people voted for him because of those statements.

Howard Stern: Yeah, people fucked the whole thing up. He just wanted a couple of more bucks from NBC. He’s pissed he won.

Howard Stern and Donald Trump have been friends for a long time now. Trump was a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show, making numerous appearances over the years. It’s difficult to say how this will affect their relationship since both of them hold loyalty in high regard.

Report Finds Establishment Media Blatantly In Favor Of Establishment Candidate, Hillary Clinton.

hillary-clintonMedia bias in political coverage is hardly new.

This election appears to be have reached new levels of slanted coverage, one media watchdog says, with a report showing negative news coverage of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump outweighing positive coverage by an overwhelming 11-to-1 margin.

According to the report produced by the Media Research Center, during the evening news shows from July 29th through October 20th, roughly 91% of mentions of Donald Trump were in a negative context on the three major non-cable television networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Only 9% of news stories on Trump carried by those three networks were positive towards the Republican nominee.

While the three major TV networks dedicated more than 440 minutes covering Trump’s personal controversies, such as his tax returns and past statements on women, only 185 minutes worth of coverage were used to discuss Clinton’s personal issues, including her email scandal, Benghazi, the Iran deal, her health, arming jihadists, blatant lying, so on.

For example, while the three networks spent a combined 102 minutes digging into comments by Trump regarding women, only 24 minutes were given to news coverage of the ongoing Clinton Foundation scandals.

And despite an official FBI investigation into her use of a private internet server to handle classified government materials, the three TV networks spent just 40 minutes combined discussing the matter, less than half the time used covering Trump’s comments on women 11 years ago.

Voters’ perceptions of media bias in 2016 are closely related to their underlying opinions of Clinton and Trump.

Among voters who have a favorable opinion of Trump, 90% say that the media is biased in favor of Clinton. By contrast, nearly two-thirds of those who view Clinton favorably say the media is not biased toward either candidate, Gallup found.

Among independents and Democrats who perceive bias, large majorities also believe the bias favors Clinton, according to Gallup.

Stern on NBC: “They sent me a nasty note.”

Stern in late August called Leno, against whom he has long harbored negative feelings, a “spineless maggot,” and said he didn’t care if NBC took away his job as a judge on America’s Got Talent. When The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Stern at Sunday’s Hollywood in the Hamptons screening of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the radio legend said he has not spoken with Leno since the incident.

“No, not from Jay. You know, I know you’re teasing,” Stern said. “Jay and I don’t see eye-to-eye on things, and it’s always going to be that way.”

Perhaps more important than his relationship with Leno is his standing with NBC, and Stern clarified some rumors that cropped up after he said he received some threats from the network.

“No no,” he said, when asked if he had heard from NBC. “The papers had it wrong; what I was saying is that they sent me a nasty note. Nobody threatened my job or anything like that. When I get my back up against the wall, I just keep talking more. It’s best to leave me alone. I’m like a snake; if you touch me, I bite.”

Sharon Osbourne quit America’s Got Talent after NBC fired Jack

Update from Sharon Osbourne on Twitter:
Please don’t misunderstand. I love NBC/AGT with all my heart and will of course finish out the season. It is still one of the best shows on tv.

Osbourne has quit America’s Got Talent after accusing NBC of axing her son Jack from a new show when they discovered he had multiple sclerosis.

The outspoken 59-year-old revealed last month that she was leaving the telly talent show, on US network NBC, in a cryptic tweet to fellow judge Howard Stern.

She wrote: “My darling Howard Stern, money is not the reason I’m not returning to (America’s Got Talent), it’s because…”

But the mum failed to elaborate on the situation.

Now she has told the New York Post her decision came after Jack was allegedly dropped from another NBC show, Stars Earn Stripes — which pits celebrities against one another in military training exercises — when he went public with his health battle.

She blasted: “I just can’t be fake. It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled.”

Producer David Hurwitz told a press conference in Los Angeles last month that former Adrenaline Junkie star Jack was never officially hired.

But Sharon and Jack allege they were moving forward with the TV show plans on a verbal commitment.

Howard Stern’s NBC saga

Talk about quick turnaround: NMA, or Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation firm that clearly relishes the excrescence of American pop culture, has just now posted its Howard Stern to “America’s Got Talent” cartoon. It seems to uncannily reflect the concerns of the anti-Stern crowd, like the Parent’s Television Council