Joe Buck to write foreword for Artie Lange’s new book

If you’re looking for someone to write a foreword for your book, Joe Buck might just be your guy.

Joe absolutely knocked it out of the park when he wrote a foreword to our book about the history of Busch Stadium.

Now he’s writing a foreword for comedian Artie Lange, who almost single-handedly sabotaged the debut of Buck’s talk show on HBO with a homophobic, profanity-filled rant.

But Buck never took umbrage with Lange for the outburst … and he’s proving it by agreeing to write the foreword for his book, scheduled to be released in the fall.

“I’m happy to do it,” Buck confirmed to PD reporter Rick Hummel.

“We were friends before the show and we were friends after the show. He said I could say anything I wanted to.”

Buck said he hadn’t decided what tack to take. “It depends what kind of mood I’m in,” he joked.

Lange’s new book will be titled “Crash and Burn,” and is expected to deal with Lange’s suicide attempt in 2010, his relationship with Howard Stern, and, presumably, the Joe Buck show.

Robin Quivers writing new book on becoming vegan

Robin Quivers doesn’t kid around — not too much — when it comes to her diet.

Howard Stern’s longtime sidekick is working on a new book about her struggles with her weight and health and her decision to eat vegan.

Avery, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), announced Wednesday that the memoir The Vegucation of Robin will be published at the end of the year. The book will feature jokes and stories, along with 75 recipes for a healthy life.

Quivers says in a statement that since giving up animal products in 2007, she has “learned that the world of vegetables is a vast one” and far more interesting than a dish of boiled broccoli. She has written a previous memoir, “Quivers,” published in 1995.