Artie & Anthony Show: New Podcast with Artie Lange and Anthony Cumia!

RadarOnline has published an article revealing that former Howard Stern Show co-host Artie Lange is joining The Anthony Cumia Show, sort of.

Artie Lange, who is now 50, is leaving his own “Artie Quitter Podcast” to team up with broadcaster Anthony Cumia, former host of “The Opie & Anthony Show.” Together the two will form the Artie & Anthony Show, a new podcast and live broadcast set to debut September 4th, 2017 on Compound Media.

The Artie & Anthony Show will run Monday through Thursday from 4-6PM EST live from New York City.

“Artie was basically offered too much money to walk away from,” reported RadarOnline. “And it was Anthony’s idea to place Artie’s name first. They’ve been friends for a while.”

Artie, who enjoyed a successful two-year run with his Artie Quitter Podcast called the possibility of working with Ant “really interesting.” “I’d be going from working with Judd Apatow and HBO, who could not be more liberal, to Cumia, who is a total outlaw conservative!”

Artie Lange thinks “Howard has lost his mind”

Artie Lange Crash and BurnOn a recent episode of the Artie Quitter podcast, Artie talked about how Howard Stern has so completely cut him off that he even refused to accept “top dollar” advertising money to promote his memoir, Crash and Burn.

He didn’t accept advertising for my book. He wouldn’t even hear the commercial. Its different than hating me. Howard is pretending I don’t exist. I stopped caring because he’s clearly a lunatic. – Artie Lange

Artie went on to say how Touchstone, a division of Simon & Schuster, came to him and said they have never had a company turn down their advertising until Stern. Howard apparently refused to play a 30 second pretaped commercial for Crash and Burn.

His recent rant from the Artie Quitter podcast got picked up by some major news outlets. Opie from Opie Radio invited Artie on to discuss his relationship with Howard Stern. He referenced the rise in power of Marci Turk, an efficiency expert who fast climbed within the ranks of Stern’s organization three years ago after bonding with Howard over a time-management system called Getting Things Done.

Describing Turk as ‘a 34-year-old redhead who basically read a book that Howard liked.’ Lange noted the awkward dynamic in Marci Turk telling people, “You can’t talk to Howard unless you talk to me first, you need permission,” adding, “These are guys who worked with him for 20 years!”

He said that Stern’s loyal producer Gary Dell’Abate, 55, must feel ’emasculated’ after Turk ‘took over his office’ and ‘may or may not be getting more money.’

Howard has lost his mind. I think my old friend Howard — he was my hero, and became a coworker, and became a friend, and — I think he’s lost his mind. If the stories I hear are accurate … And I don’t listen a lot so I don’t get to hear, Ellen Degeneres, he loves her dancing, and that is sickening. I couldn’t imagine, that seems hypocritical. – Artie Lange

Artie has not been heard on The Howard Stern Show since battling mental health issues back in 2009.

SiriusXM announces The Jim Norton Show

SiriusXM Radio announced today that comedian and cohost of the Opie & Anthony Show Jim Norton, will host The Jim Norton Show. Norton’s show will follow a live, weekly call-in format where he will be able to offer advice on life, work, sex, mma, comedy and whatever else callers want advice on.

Jim Norton aka Lil Jimmy Norton“From years of being on the road and on the air, Jim Norton has seen it all, and he’s never afraid to give his honest, unflinching opinion on any topic. On ‘The Jim Norton Show,’ he will turn the same sharp eye and mind that he often turns on himself on listeners and guests, and the results are sure to be uncomfortable for some—and hilarious for all. We’re excited to expand Jim’s on-air presence on our platform with this new show.” Scott Greenstein

“The best part of me doing an advice show is that I am completely unqualified to give advice to anyone.” Jim Norton

The Jim Norton Show will debut on Wednesday, December 12th at 10:00 am ET and the show will air Wednesdays from 10:00 – 11:00 am ET on SiriusXM’s The Opie & Anthony Channel, XM Radio channel 105 and Sirius Radio channel 206.

Quentin Tarantino in studio with Opie&Anthony (Audio Interview)

Quentin Tarantino, beyond being an amazing filmmaker, has had a very fascinating life. In a recent interview on the Opie and Anthony show he explained how unlike most directors in Hollywood, who came out of the film school system, the Pulp Fiction director actually quit school in grade nine and got his film education working in a rental store.

For four years straight he watched film after film, all the while learning what makes a great movie. But that’s only the surface level of Tarantino’s history. To go in depth you have to listen to Tarantino’s interview with the great Howard Stern.

O&A sign new two year deal with SiriusXM

Unless you are an active listener to the Opie & Anthony Show you may not be aware that the duo has signed a new two year contract that will keep them broadcasting to SiriusXM subscribers until the fall of 2014. In some way Opie & Anthony define one of the critical aspects of satellite radio and what makes it special. That being uncensored radio. While the show may not be for everyone, we can all appreciate that SiriusXM is a platform where true freedom of speech exists.

Opie & Anthony, like Stern, have had their share of issues with SiriusXM, but in the end a deal was reached and satellite radio consumers can rejoice! Over the past year or so many passionate Stern Fans embrace Opie & Anthony rather than continue a battle of the shock jocks. It almost seems as if some people are beginning to think Stern is winding down and are in search of that cutting edge type of radio show that O&A offer.

Details of the deal have not been released, but it would appear that the offer was sweet enough for O&A to ink the dotted line.