Artie Lange: “Pete Holmes Is The Best Comedy Partner I’ve Ever Had”

Filming for HBO’s “Crashing” season 2 is currently underway and comedian Pete Holmes has confirmed Artie Lange will continue to be a regular on the show.

“I play a very naïve character based on myself, I would say when I was 28,” said Holmes. “Then I meet Artie and I’m a guy who wants to get into comedy and Artie’s a guy who’s obviously in comedy and warns me about it, like the ghost of Christmas future. But then we kind of rub off on each other.”

In an interview, Pete talked about the “crashing” aspect of the show, which is supposed to be a reference to couch surfing. Holmes admitted that the concept of the show is not something that would last forever and stated that the show may only go on for two more seasons.

Crashing episode 6 is titled “Artie” which will deal with Artie’s personal problems including the drug issue. Lange admitted that things got a bit emotional in this “Crashing” season 2 episode.

Artie who is best known for being the abrasive unfiltered former comedian of The Howard Stern Show went on to say how much comedy has enlightened him to some liberal ideas.

“The town I grew up in north Jersey is eight miles from this progressive, unbelievable place, New York City. But it has the most closed-minded people about gays, racial stuff. And I’m proud that I became more enlightened than my friends by going into show business. You do meet a lot of interesting people that are more enlightened than you are in the world.”

“Most people who don’t take the leap into a creative world never even try to answer those questions,” Lange says, referring to the spiritual queries about faith and existence that often come up on Crashing. “They just let that all build up and they become my uncle Tony. And I’m trying not to do that.”

Artie Lange: Marci Turk brainwashed Howard Stern

Comedians Artie Lange, Judd Apatow, and Pete Holmes are going to be performing together on what they have named the Crashing Comedy Tour.

Artie has recently been on several different radio shows to promote his recurring appearance on the upcoming HBO comedy series Crashing, where he plays himself.

Artie called into The Bernie and Sid Show to discuss his current relationship with the Stern show, support of President Donald Trump and his upcoming gig on Judd Apatow’s HBO comedy series Crashing.

Lange places the blame on Howard Stern’s push towards a more politically correct broadcast on Marcy Turk, who Artie claims brainwashed Howard.

“Here is the thing. I was saying the truth [about Howard] the whole time. I don’t not like Howard. There is a broad he hired, Marci Turk. She brainwashed Howard. Howard had the most impressive brain I have ever seen in my life. This was a thinker and a brilliant mind. Someone actually brainwashed him.”

“She is involved with this book “Getting Things Done” which has been said on the internet its like a cult. Gary the Retard became the Gary the Conqueror. There is no more gay jokes. That’s what the Stern Show was all about. That’s all gone. He has become like the Hollywood elite.”

“I can’t say how I know but there was people who use to work for him who are in trouble who were loyal soldiers for him. You need permission to talk to him. It’s a very weird thing.”

Artie also mentioned that the amount of money he makes from his standup gigs has significantly dropped since his departure from the Howard Stern Show. “I don’t complain about it. What am I going to say about it? I’m only making 40 grand?”

Artie who frequently guests conservative talking head Ann Coulter says he would have voted for Trump if he could have cast a ballot. “I can’t vote. I’m a convicted felon. It’s true.” said Lange.