Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair Smells Armpits

Last week on the Howard Stern Radio Show, the newly crowned 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclare, stopped by the studio to celebrate her title. Claire is currently dating Hugh Hefner’s son, Marston, but she was quick to point out that she was in the magazine before the two started dating… in case anyone thought there was any tomfoolery going on.

Howard threw out the standard question he asks every Playmate that has spent significant time in the Playboy Mansion… did Pauly Shore get to her yet? She said no but she always sees him there, as well as Corey Feldman. She was not impressed with either of them.

As the interview progressed, we learned that Claire is turned on by body odor and loves a man’s natural scent. This created an instant game as the crew blindfolded her and marched each member of the staff in one by one to have their armpits smelled by the Playmate of the Year. None of her comments really jumped out, until she got to Benjy, whose armpit “smells like asshole”.

Ashley Dupre in Playboy and on The Howard Stern Show

Howard had the guys bring in Ashley Dupre. Howard said he had to congratulate her on her pictures. He said they did hear that she had a beautiful vagina. He said she does. Howard asked if any of the Playboy pictures are airbrushed. She said they are a little bit. Ashley said she was very happy with the shoot she did and they airbrushed a lot of them. She said that they tried to draw on a butt in one of the pictures. She said she asked them not to use that one online.

Ashley said the tattoo on her belly means ”protection and power” so they shouldn’t believe everything they read. Howard said her vagina is very nice to him. He said he likes it when there are no beef curtains hanging down. Ashley thought that came from having kids. Howard said it’s not always from that. He said he likes that it’s tiny and not a huge, big, sloppy vagina. Howard said he likes it. Ashley was laughing nervously as Howard talked about that.

Howard told Ashley that her boobs look great too. He said they’re amazing for a boob job. She said she got them when she was 18 originally. She said she had them made smaller and more natural looking. Howard said they looked good. Howard asked about the fur picture. She said that was faux fur.

Howard brought up the Donny Deutsch interview she did last night and asked what she was so upset about. Ashley said she has other things going on in her life and Donny was going on too much about the same thing. She said he was telling her that she had messed up enough households so she didn’t need to keep ruining them. Howard said she could have talked to him about that without walking off. Howard said she walked off the show crying. She said she held it in until she walked off.

Howard said Ashley has to embrace this thing. He said she got on the cover of Playboy because she was a prostitute. Ashley said she has embraced it. Howard said she could have dealt with Donny better last night. He said she could have gotten in some plugs saying that stuff. Ashley said it just gets to a point where it’s too much.

Howard asked Ashley why she did Playboy. She said it’s the most successful men’s magazine and she’s in a magazine that’s had a lot of other famous women in it. She said that she stayed at the Playboy mansion for a couple of weeks while that shoot was done. Howard asked what that was like. Ashley joked that there was some freaky shit going on. She said she was just kidding.

Ashley said she stayed there for two weeks but she really only had to stay there for one. Howard asked if they fed her. She said they did that and they have butlers and stuff there. She played in a Playboy golf tournament too. Ashley said she had guys telling her they were in love with her after meeting her for the first time.

Howard said he thinks that guys think she’s good in bed because she was a professional. Howard said he thinks that when she does fall for a guy she’s not going to be good in bed. Ashley said she loves sex though. Howard said that was her job so she’s probably sick of it. Ashley told him he was crazy.

Howard said that when someone is paying you then you’re inspired to give a great blow job. Ashley said she loves giving blow jobs. Gary said it must have been great sex with her because there were people willing to pay over and over to have her.

Howard asked Ashley if she has been with anyone sexually lately. She said she has. Howard asked if she holds back so she seems like a nice girl. Ashley said she doesn’t have a lot of one night stands now. She said she had a lot when she was young. Howard asked Ashley who got in her pants. She said it was just some guy. She said that it was the first guy in a long time. Robin said JD wants to know what was so interesting about that guy.

Howard said JD has given up on her. Ashley said that JD is a really great guy. She went out with him a couple of times and JD shouldn’t have let her know who he was. Ashley said he’s a great person and she loves talking to him. She said he’s just a good person.

Howard said JD brought her to Ryan Phillippe’s house and that was a bad move. He said that was a crucial error. JD came in and Ashley said hi to him. JD said that she wasn’t returning his calls or texts. She said ”Oh come on now.” Ashley said that she always responds. JD said it’s not always.

Howard showed JD the Playboy pictures and told him that he blew it. Ashley thought that he was a good guy for not wanting to see her pictures. She said he’s a great friend. JD laughed. She said she likes JD the way he is too and he will find the right girl. Howard said he found the right girl but she rejected him. JD said she likes douche bags.

Howard asked Ashley if she was attracted to Ryan. She said he was cute. Howard asked if JD had brought her to a burn unit, would that have turned her on to him. Ashley laughed and said that wouldn’t have worked. Howard asked if JD playing with chopsticks for an hour was a bad move. She said they had kid chopsticks at dinner. She said they had fun at dinner that night too. She said they were able to carry on a conversation. Howard asked if he said he loved her. She said he didn’t do that.

Howard asked JD if he got to kiss her. JD said he didn’t. JD said there was a moment when he could have done that when she was vulnerable but he didn’t do it. Howard asked JD if he felt used by Ashley. He said he had said that to some people around there. JD said he didn’t feel used. He said he would have almost rather had her just tell him instead of letting him hit on her. JD said it was almost like a steel trap friend thing.

Howard asked JD what he was talking about. JD said he ”knew the realistic of the situation…” Howard said he loves listening to JD talk. He said that he’s a great buy but he can’t communicate. Ashley said she loves him too.

Howard told JD to just talk. JD said he knows how lucky he would be to have her. He said he knew she was out of his league and he knew he’d like her even more out there on this date. He said she’s awesome and he never said he felt used. Howard said that she was up front with him and told him it was just a friend thing. JD said he wishes that none of it had happened at all because he really likes her. Howard asked if he wants her to get fat so she won’t get guys. JD said she’d better not get fat.

Howard said JD sounds broken hearted. JD said that’s not what it is. He said there aren’t many hot chicks who are into the Jerky Boys. Ashley said that JD adores her and he’s a great guy. Howard said he knows what’s turning her off. He told JD he has to improve his attitude.

Howard said Ashley won’t tell JD this but he has to fix his clothes. Ashley said she wanted to go shopping with him. She said he has a problem spending money on clothes though. JD said that’s just not him. JD said he’s not good at being anything else.

Howard asked if they have any contact now. Ashley said that he’s not even calling her anymore. Robin said if he’s in love he’s not going to call because she’s with other guys. JD said he heard that she kissed someone else and it bothered him. He said that other guy can go fuck himself.

Howard asked about the guy she was with and how long she waited to do it. She said she didn’t want to talk about it in front of JD. Ashley said she didn’t want to do that. JD told her to just do it. She told him to come sit next to her. JD was told to go to the couch to sit with her but Howard said that was just going to make it worse for him. JD walked out.

Howard asked Ashley about how Playboy worked with her when she was doing this shoot. Ashley told Howard how it all worked and how she was pinching her nipples to make them hard. She said that no one even cared while she was siting there naked. Howard asked if anyone was there jerking off while she was naked. She said it wasn’t like that at all.

Howard said she’s in the May 2010 issue of Playboy. She’s also got her music on Myspace at

Howard read that Elliot Spitzer was having multiple escorts per day at times. He said that he read he had three girls one day and that’s pretty insatiable. Ashley said that is a lot.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked why she’s tugging with JD’s heart strings. Howard said JD is putting it out there and asking to hang out and Ashley just isn’t into that. Howard said some guys think she might think she’s too good for him. Howard said he has tried to talk to JD about upping his game. Ashley said she does want to hang out with him and do things but he’s not into it. Robin said that JD is attached to the clothes he has.

JD came in and said that Ashley actually told him that his clothes were okay. He said he showed her pictures of his stuff. Howard asked JD if he would marry Ashley and if it would be just about the sex. JD said he likes her for her. He said he wouldn’t be going after her if she wasn’t nice. He said that if she was a cunt he wouldn’t be going after her.

Howard said he didn’t know that Ashley was in a relationship with a couple when she was 20. She thought she had talked about that last time she was there. Ashley said she was doing drugs back then and she was going to clubs and stuff and they all just hooked up. Ashley said she met some friends and the couple freaked out and they broke it off. Ashley said she was more into the girl than the guy anyway.

Howard said that must have been some scene. Ashley said they would hang out in the back of their car and do each other while the husband was driving. Howard said that’s pretty hot. Howard asked the caller what he thought. He said it was hot too and Ashley thought he was jerking off.

Howard asked if they were out of control together. Ashley said that they would hang out and do all kinds of stuff. She said that she didn’t do the husband that much. Ashley said she didn’t fall in love with the woman but she did really like her. Howard asked if they all slept together. She said that they didn’t do that but they would just pop into her room once in a while. Howard asked if the woman ever woke her up just going down on her. Ashley said no at first but then played Howard’s game and said yes. The caller was moaning as he heard this stuff.

Howard asked if she got into the hooking thing around then. She said that came much later. Ashley said she wanted to be a third grade teacher but now she knows she can’t do that. She said she can mentor kids though.

Another caller asked Ashley if she likes to be spanked. Ashley said she was spanked as a child and her brother had wooden spoons broken on his ass. The caller asked if she likes being spanked. She said she doesn’t like that. Howard found out that she was disciplined as a child but wasn’t kept in a cage or anything.

Ashley said that she has started a blog. She said it’s Stiletto Suicide. Howard asked if she writes about JD. She said she will have to do that.

Robin asked what Ashley and Ryan’s girlfriend were talking about that night JD was playing with chopsticks. Ashley said that chick was hot and she was a very nice person. She said that JD was talking to Ryan and staying busy. Howard said Ryan said JD spent hours working with the chopsticks. Howard asked what she and the girl were talking about. Ashley said they may have been talking about wine.

Howard said he told JD to just go over and talk to her and the girl. He didn’t bother. Howard said he loves JD and he wishes that Ashley loved him. Ashley said she dos love him… as a friend. Howard told Ashley not to break down crying in interviews today. He said they are going to ask her about being a prostitute and she just has to deal with it. Howard said that guy Jason was right about her beautiful vagina. Ashley said that guy never saw it so she’s not sure how he knew.

Howard took another call from a guy who said JD should be going out shopping with this chick. He told Howard to get him in there and straighten him out.

Howard took another call from a guy who said that Donny Deutsch has balls talking about Ashley breaking families up when he did that himself last year. Ashley said she heard about that. She said that this is the kind of stuff she has to put up with in these interviews. Howard said he knows Donny and he wants to be famous so badly. He said he’s trying to make it interesting and she just has to go with it. Ashley said she liked him before that interview.

Howard asked Ashley if she had any guys at the Playboy mansion. She said that she didn’t. She said that Hef was really cool to her and he stays faithful with the girls he’s with. Howard wished her luck with the magazine and asked if she’s getting a little something for each magazine that’s sold. Ashley said she doesn’t but she did get paid. Howard asked if Hef let her play with his teeth. She didn’t know what he meant. Howard said he keeps his teeth in a jar at night. Ashley just laughed.