Rob and Sheri Zombie talk Halloween II with Howard Stern

Rob Zombie is considered a friend of The Howard Stern Show and recorded the Howard Stern Show theme song The Great American Nightmare.

Halloween II opens in theatres on Friday, August 28th.

After the break Jon brought up Rob and Sheri Zombie. Gary said that Howard bringing up what he said about them was very strange. He said Howard made it seem like a bigger deal out of it than it was. He said that Rob has this image of being this horror guy and he’s really not that kind of guy. He said they’re very nice people and much more normal than they appear.

Jon asked how they thought Sheri looked. Will said she might be one of the hottest chicks they’ve ever had in there. Jon asked if they think they’ll ever have kids. Gary said he thinks it was a no based on the way they were talking about it today.

Jon brought up how they were talking about the neighbors bothering them when they moved in. they put up fences and stuff to keep people from doing that. Gary said that’s a normal thing when you move into a neighborhood though so it’s not that surprising.

Jon talked about the Wendy the Retard game they played. Gary said he thought it worked but Will said Howard didn’t seem to be too happy with it.

Jon took a call from a guy who said today’s show was great. He asked if ”Herp” was still there. Gary and Jon said that they didn’t know who he was talking about. They didn’t want to refer to Benjy. Benjy didn’t say a word.

Another caller goofed on Gary about fucking up the question with AJ today. He had a bad phone connection so they had to let him go.

Another guy asked Gary if he’s going to have to wear booties to Howard’s house. Gary said he’s not sure what he’s going to do but he’ll probably carry around a pair of socks so he can keep his feet covered up. Will said he should wear those things that Jackie used to wear on his fingers. Gary said those were Finger Cots.

Another caller said that he knows where Rob Zombie lives and said that he can imagine why people would treat them strange because it is a small town. He lives just a couple of miles from them. He said he knows some of the people there and they haven’t had issues with them. He said that their gates are quite large though.

Jon took another call from a guy who asked why they don’t have Don Kirshner on the show. Gary said they had him on the show years ago. He said that he’s a really nice guy but he doesn’t give any insight into anyone if you ask him about them.

Gary said that they have a few entries for that contest they’re running. They only have a few people. Gary said that they have a guy who is a 15 time motocross champion who is right up there too. No one had anything to say about that.

Another caller asked Gary about Tabitha Stevens eating his toenail when he had the foot fungus. Gary said he didn’t have it at the time but the caller thought he did. Gary said that’s probably not the worst thing Tabitha has eaten.