Richard and Sal Expose Obama Supporters (Viral Polictical Video)

Richard and Sals interview with Obama “Supporters” goes viral, even being picked up by America’s 1 News Network Fox News:

Howard Stern contributors Sal and Richard travel to Harlem to interview Obama supporters and ask them why they are voting for Obama. They did this back in 2008, now let’s see what happens when they do it again in 2012!

Richard and Sal pass all of McCains policies as Obamas and “Obama” voters eat it all up. Clueless supporters voting based on race.

Richard and Sal piss all over

Howard had Lisa G come in with her news preview. Lisa said they have some new about another bathroom incident. She said that one of the employees saw Richard and Sal crammed into a stall and Sal and Richard were peeing all over a seat in the stall. She said they were running into different stall and they ended up peeing on the seat. Howard said this is just wrong. He said they have to stop with that. Howard said they have one bathroom there and they can’t be pissing on the seat. Lisa said Sal claims he cleaned up the seat. Howard said that’s bullshit. He told Sal he’s being an asshole.

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