Howards friend Robert Schimmel in serious condition after car accident

Comedian Robert Schimmel, perhaps best known for appearing on The Howard Stern Show, is in very serious condition after a car accident on Thursday, his manager confirmed to As first reported by TMZ, Schimmel’s 19-year-old daughter was driving at the time of the accident, which occurred on an Arizona freeway. His daughter swerved to avoid an accident in her lane, causing their car to roll over onto the side of the road. Schimmel’s daughter was hospitalized and is in stable condition, while Schimmel’s 11-year-old son, who was also in the vehicle, was released Thursday without any injuries.

Schimmel is known for his raunchy, sex-driven humor, and has released a number of comedy albums. He’s also a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2000 and underwent chemotherapy.

Show In The Hallway Episode 5 (S2)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

Season 2 of “Show In The Hallway” is full of celebrity cameos. You’ll see appearances by Richard Lewis, Jim Breuer, Robert Schimmel, Jerry O’Connell, and Colin Quinn among others. Surprisingly, filming with a scene with someone like Colin Quinn is a bit different than doing a scene with JD or Scott the Engineer. Here’s how shooting “Show In The Hallway” works with a celebrity works like Colin Quinn as an example.

Co-director Jason Katz and I saw Colin’s name on the schedule of upcoming guests on the Stern Show and we both immediately knew that we wanted a comic of his stature to be a part of the show. The procedure for shooting with celebrities has been to ask them to do the scene the day they come into the studio to do the show. Luckily Colin was a down to earth guy and agreed to do the scene with Sal and Doug Goodstein. Out of respect to the celebrities we shoot one take or sometimes two takes max. We do this for a few reasons.

Usually the celebrity has limited time because they are doing other shows that day. Also, we don’t want to take advantage of them because they do the scene for free. The celebrity by this point has also done a pre-interview with HTV, Howard’s interview, a post-interview with HTV, an interview with Lisa G, and maybe even audio drops for the Wrap Up Show or another show. We don’t want to stretch them too thin so five minutes seems appropriate. Since, we have only about five minutes with them so we need to be on top of our game.

Colin didn’t receive a script but was briefed by us on what the scene was about. Like a consummate professional he knew exactly what we wanted and executed the scene perfectly. Colin Quinn’s scene is in episode 2 entitled “Mr. Lotto”. Check it out. I promise you want be disappointed.