Jeff “The Vomit Coach” Leavy available for hire (Roman Shower)

Jeff The Vomit Guy is fixated on watching women vomit. Because this sort of fetish is not considered to be in the mainstream, Jeff wanted to clear up some common “misnomers” surrounding it. The biggest one of these is that Jeff likes to be vomited on. Jeff made it very clear that the central feature of his fetish is watching women vomit.

Unfortunately, Jeff’s vomit fetish has a very negative impact on the other aspects of his daily life. Because his fetish is considered to be taboo, his vomit fixation has impeded both his personal and professional life. He often makes statements such as “I’m stalemate,” “I’m in a quagmire,” and “I’m in quicksand.”

Jeff is seeking to end the “holding pattern” that his life is currently in, and he has come up with a plan. He is hoping to construct an arrangement in which he can help others, while satisfying some of his own needs at the same time.

Jeff told me that he is hoping to become a “Vomit Coach.” When I asked him what a vomit coach does, he first indicated that being sick is very uncomfortable for many people, and that perhaps a sick person would want someone there to help them through the process. Jeff also referred to this role as a “Personal Vomit Boy,” “Vomit Cheerleader,” or a “Vomit Nurse.”

Although the title of the role may vary, the services are generally the same. Of course, the services rendered would be specific to the needs of the individual client. Jeff will help women in their 20s and 30s get through the uncomfortable vomiting stage of their sickness. I asked Jeff to outline the specific actions he would take in this role.

According to Jeff, these actions would include words of encouragement, holding back hair that may be in the vomit path, ensuring that napkins and water are easily accessible, and cleaning up any resulting mess. By making house calls, Jeff can also ensure that all of this happens in a “controlled environment.” He is willing to be “on call” for clients, as sickness can be unpredictable at times. In his role as a vomit coach, Jeff sees himself as “the straw that stirs the drink.” He also mentioned that he can provide the “tools of the vomit trade” to his clients.

Jeff wanted to make it very clear that while he would be able to satisfy his own needs in the role of a vomit coach, his central concern is the well-being of his clients.

Jeff the Vomit Guy (Roman Showers)

Howard had the guys bring in this guy Jeff Levy who is also known as Jeff the Vomit guy. Robin said she walked by the green room and heard him doing commentary fro someone in there.

Howard had Jeff in and said that he’s really disgusted by him. Jeff said that’s too bad because he’s a big fan of his. He said he loves to hate some teams like the Knicks. He said he’s a big Pittsburgh fan and he has been all his life. He said he’s a New Yorker though.

Howard said Jeff has gotten fatter. He was last on the show 3 years ago and he wanted to get puked on by Tabitha Stevens but she would only spit on him.

Howard said that Jeff is a guy who is 53 years old. His father doesn’t approve of this vomiting thing but he still lives at home. Jeff said he has had some jobs but he seems to just walk out of the jobs after a while. He said he sorted mail for a while. He said he worked the midnight shift and worked with the other degenerates.

Howard asked Jeff why he would leave a job if he was contributing to society. Jeff said he wasn’t proud of what he was doing and he thought that there would be something else out there for him. Howard asked if he has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Jeff said he’s been diagnosed as having paraphelia. He started to explain that and Howard cut him off. Howard asked if he likes women to vomit on him. Jeff said he likes to watch women vomiting. He said he doesn’t need them to vomit on him. He said that he can watch some of that on the web but there aren’t that many web sites out there for that.

Jeff told Howard about his parents testing him and things like that. Jeff said that he went to college. He said that he had a few jobs and he got into a couple of movies. He was in Duplicity with Julia Roberts. He was just playing an extra. Jeff said he’s in some bank commercials too. He said that he got less than $200 to do those. Jeff said that he has two goals in his life and he loves playing lotteries. Howard asked how he pays for all of this stuff. Jeff said he gets disability. Jeff said back in 1985 he didn’t get along well with people and he was diagnosed. Howard wondered how this is possible. He said that he can’t work so they give him a paycheck. Jeff said it’s not that easy. He said in 1985 they diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. Jeff said that he could work if he had to just shoveling horse mature or something. He said that if he was motivated to do it then he’d be able to do it.

Howard said Jeff could go out and work if they didn’t pay him not to. Howard said he’s overweight and he seems to be eating plenty. Jeff said that he is 5’9” tall and he’s about 235 pounds. Howard said that he’s repulsive.

Howard asked what’s going on with the vomit fetish. Jeff said he’d like to find a soul mate who is open minded to his fetish. Howard said that he’s never going to find anyone. Howard said he wants to know that he fantasizes about. Jeff said he would like to be around when someone is throwing up. Howard heard that he likes to make girls gag and he likes to see saliva. Jeff said he’s thought about Robin in that way. He said he’d like to see her tongue, mouth and lips. He said he has an oral fixation. Jeff said that he doesn’t have as many opportunities as he’d like.

Howard had ”Sally” come in there so Jeff can look into her mouth. It turns out to be Sal dressed up as a woman. He showed Jeff his ”pussy” and Jeff said that he thinks that Sally is a phony baloney. Sal told him that he’s out of his mind. He showed him his asshole and Jeff said he’s all man and he knows what a woman looks like. Jeff said he’s not into the bearded woman. Sal said he’s not bearded, he’s just Italian. Sal yelled at him to just lay down so he can puke on him. Jeff refused. He said he’s not into just anyone puking on him. He said he’s strictly heterosexual. Howard asked Jeff if he would be able to fuck a woman. Jeff said if the vomiting got him aroused then he’d stick it in her ass. Then he said that he’d just do her from behind and maybe not in the ass.

Howard asked Jeff how he met this friend he has that’s into vomiting. Jeff said he met him and they got some women to do some vomiting for their web site Jeff said that they did have several girls who did that and also shit on this guy’s chest. Jeff said he’s not into that himself but he did try it out. Howard said Jeff was frothing at the mouth. Jeff said he’s getting worked up, that’s why. Howard said that he has to calm down and wipe that off. Robin said that’s what she was watching.

Howard asked Jeff about this other guy and his fetishes. Jeff said that he went into the room with the guy and this dominiatrix shit a little bit on him too. Howard asked why he went into the room with her. Jeff said they went to a motel and did this. Jeff said that it was about $250 to do it. Jeff said she was an attractive woman too. He said that they just do it spontaneously and the maids have to clean it up.

Howard asked Jeff about what went on during that whole thing. Jeff said that he’d like to be in control and he needs a submissive girl. He said that this woman told him he had to suck her toes and for her to get them off she had to shit all over them. Howard asked if he thinks that this is crazy what he’s doing. Jeff said that it seemed like he had to do it to get her to do what he wanted. Jeff said she went doody right on the other guy’s face. He said that she was almost into his mouth. Jeff said the guy got exited and he was masturbating. He said he was entertained and curious about what was going on there. Howard said the room must have stunk. Jeff said it did stink more than vomit. He said that he can’t get into the scat thing which is apparently more prevalent than the vomit thing. Jeff said that she shit on his thighs

Howard saw that Robin was eating during this discussion. Robin said she just stopped listening. Howard said that Jeff could make anyone throw up.

Howard asked if this dominiatrix vomited on him. He said that she did but that’s not what his ideal situation is. Jeff said that he’d rather be the one in control. Howard asked if he masturbated during this. Jeff said he did.

Jeff said he didn’t bang the chick. He said that he didn’t want to do that though. He said that his buddy was the one who was paying and he’s the one who did that.

Howard said that Jeff keeps saying ”Domineetrix” and he’s not sure why he calls her that if he goes to so many. Jeff said he knows that he’s a mess. He said he has a girlfriend that he’s been seeing for 14 years and she’s not a vomit girl. He said she’s just a good friend though. Howard said that he’s not fucking that chick. Jeff said that’s true but he does get to see her a few times a month. He said she’s disabled and handicapped. He said that both of her parents are dead.

Howard took a call from the guys in the back who had clips of Wendy the Retard puking. Jeff asked how he knows it’s not a guy. Howard said that it’s definitely a girl.

Howard also played a prank call the guys made to a Bulimia hotline where they used clips of Jeff to talk to the woman who answered the phone.

Jeff said that he’s still looking for a woman who vomit for him. Howard said that there are no girls out there for him. He said they’ve asked for someone to contact him for years now and no one comes forward.

Jeff said he doesn’t do anything wrong and he’s not a pedophile or anything like that. Jeff said that it gets harder the older he gets to stay in shape. Jeff said he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t do drugs or anything like that. Jeff said he sees girls coming out of clubs drunk and he likes to wait for them to vomit. He said they always come out with their entourage though.

Howard took a call from someone who was supposed to be Rochelle vomiting. Jeff said that was a male vomiting sound.

Howard said that they have found out what Jeff is all about. He asked what they pay Jeff for disability. He said he gets $800 a month. Howard said that’s amazing. Jeff also gets food stamps and medicare and medicaid. Howard asked if he can get food at a place like Madison Square Garden. Jeff said he cant and he wouldn’t go there because he hates the New York teams.

Howard asked Jeff what he does during the day. He takes care of his 10 cats and some other pets. He said they’re all taken care of. He said that he used to have 17. He said he gave some up for adoption. He said that he has parakeets, doves and homing pigeons too. He said they have a 4 room apartment and the birds are small. The Howard TV guys had some video of Jeff at home so they showed that to Howard. Howard asked why the cats don’t eat the pigeons. Jeff said they like the birds and they respect him.

Jeff got in a plug for and said you can contact him through there.

The guys called in with some more vomiting sounds. They had Beetlejuice vomiting this time. Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Jeff likes to eat the vomit. Jeff said he doesn’t. He said it’s just the act of watching them vomit.

Howard took some more calls and one guy asked if Howard ate yet. Howard said he did before Jeff came in. Howard said this is too much for him. The caller said that maybe Jeff could find someone who has cancer and pukes a lot. He said they may not let him in the hospital though.

Howard asked Jeff what this is. Jeff said that it’s his agent’s web site and he has a lot of shrines fro Howard on that site. Jeff said that he doesn’t have a home computer so this guy, Doc, helps him out.

Jeff was telling some other stories but Howard interrupted and asked if he’s ever going to wash that shirt. Jeff said it was clean and he doesn’t smell like vomit or anything. Howard said he had a lot of spit coming out of his mouth. Jeff said he’s got some teeth missing so it comes out. Howard asked if he voted for Obama. Jeff said he never votes. Howard wrapped up with Jeff a short time later. He was grossed out by the spit coming out of his mouth. Howard gave Jeff some more plugs and took another call from the guys in the back playing some shitting sounds. Jeff said all he was hearing was sound effects.

Howard thought he was done with Jeff but he asked him how he would describe himself in a personal ad. Jeff went through some of his personality traits and Howard asked if he would tell them that he wears 5 diamond earrings. Jeff said they’re not real diamonds. He said that they’re cubic zirconia. Howard asked who he think she looks like. Jeff said that he thinks maybe James Caan.

Gary asked Jeff if he’s ever done anything sexually with that girl he’s been seeing 14 years. Jeff said he has not. He said that they just go out and hang out at the mall and talk about their lives. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.