Ronnie hosts Rick’s Cabaret 7th Anniversary

Formerly known as Scores, now famous for its beautiful showgirls and gourmet steakhousey, Rick’s Cabaret had a number of events commemorating its 7th anniversary in New York.

Howard Stern Show’s Sal Governale and Ronnie Mund were special guest hosts at one of the parties.

“I love all the Rick’s clubs, and Rick’s Cabaret New York is really amazing. The party was awesome,” said Ronnie the Limo Driver. “Rick’s Cabaret has so many incredibly hot girls,” said Sal the Stockbroker. “It’s like Disneyland for adult men.”

Ronnie Mund helped stop gun-wielding fan threatening to kill Howard Stern

After watching Howard’s interview with the Criminal Behavior Analyst it was interesting to hear Ronnie the Limo Driver mention that there had been an incident in the 1990s where he was forced to take action.

Hearing Ronnie mention the incident once before I decided to try and find the article he was alluding to.

From 1996 NY Daily:

Stern Gets A Big Shock Fan With Gun In Car Threatens To Kill Radio Jock

A crazed Howard Stern fan packing a stolen shotgun in his car threatened the radio shockmeister outside his studio yesterday.

Screaming, “Hey Howard, I’m going to kick your ass!” Samuel Callea was arrested after chasing Stern’s limousine into a studio loading dock on 58th St. between Park and Madison Aves. about 5:30 a.m., police said.

Callea, 33, of Buffalo, was unarmed but had the unloaded shotgun and four shells in his nearby parked car. “I’m going to kill him,” Callea told Stern’s driver.

While bodyguards ushered the K-Rock radio star to his studio, the limo driver followed Callea back to the suspect’s car, parked on Madison Ave. A bodyguard flagged down two city deputy sheriffs on towing duty.

Deputy Sheriffs Steven Calzati and Nick Dousmanis radioed city cops and asked Callea if he was armed.

“I have a shotgun in my trunk,” the sheriffs said Callea replied. They found a rusty, 16-gauge, single-barrel shotgun and four rounds of ammunition in the front passenger seat. The weapon had been stolen in Jacksonville, Ill., but it was not clear how Callea obtained it.

So even though Ronnie might not be the best qualified security person Howard could hire, he definitely is one of the most loyal.

Ugly Meter App reaches 5 million downloads via Stern Show

An application that makes its goal to tell you how ugly you are is riding high in Apple’s App Store.

Ugly Meter, which has been around for quite some time, has suddenly found itself threatening Angry Birds Space for the top spot in Apple’s App Store. For a period of three weeks recently, the application topped China’s listing of top iPhone apps, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. As of this writing, it’s in second place in the U.S. store.

Ugly Meter first made headlines last year after raising concerns among anti-cyberbullying organizations. The application allows users to snap an image of their face, and then scans it for symmetry, contours, and other elements to determine how good- (or bad-) looking a person is. Ratings are handed out on a scale of 1-10, and include some not-so-nice quips about a person’s looks.

Although Ugly Meter had maintained some relevance in the App Store, the app became a phenom nearly overnight recently due mainly to none other than Howard Stern. According to the Daily Mail, app developer Dapper Gentlemen made $80,000 in a single day after the $4.99 Pro version of Ugly Meter was showcased on the shock jock’s morning radio show on

Sirius XM. All told, according to the Ugly Meter listing in the App Store, the application has been downloaded over 5 million times. The developers have generated over $500,000 in total revenue, according to the Daily Mail.

That cash isn’t going to waste. One of the co-creators of the Ugly Meter app, Joe Overline, went back on the Stern’s show last week and said his company is now planning to hire another programmer to advance its application-development plans…