Howard Stern is the World’s Highest Paid Radio Host

Forbes revealed its list of the highest paid celebrities in 2016. Taylor Swift took the number one spot with a sizable $170 million.


Controversial radio host Howard Stern took the 7th overall spot with $85 million. Howard signed a new five-year deal with SiriusXM Radio at the end of 2015 but dropped two spots in the Forbes rankings from the previous year suggesting he took a pay decrease. Forbes had listed Stern 5th last year with $95 million, indicating a $10 million drop in salary per year. Another controversial radio host, Rush Limbaugh came in tenth with $79 million. Limbaugh reportedly earned a lot more in 2016 due to the presidential election. Alex Jones did not make the “Radio Talking Heads” list this year.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, though experts in the industry have stated that the new contract is slightly more lucrative than the last.

The new contract with SiriusXM, which took effect at the start of 2016, includes a push in development of new technologies. SiriusXM now has an estimated 29 million listeners.

Forbes World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities List:

  1. Taylor Swift $170 M
  2. One Direction $110 M
  3. James Patterson $95 M
  4. Dr. Phil McGraw $88 M
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo $88 M
  6. Kevin Hart $87.5 M
  7. Howard Stern $85 M
  8. Lionel Messi $81.5 M
  9. Adele $80.5 M
  10. Rush Limbaugh $79 M

Rush Limbaugh to replace Howard Stern?

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh is considering cutting ties with radio operator Cumulus Media at the end of 2013 amid large advertising losses, Politico reported.

If Limbaugh leaves, some 40 Cumulus-owned radio stations would lose the rights to the most popular talk radio program in the country. The show could move to different stations in dozens of markets or even make the leap to satellite radio, as controversial radio host Howard Stern did when he came under censorship pressure in 2004. Seems like it would be in the interest of SiriusXM to make a bid for Limbaugh as Howard Stern’s replacement since Stern’s contract is expiring in a couple of years.

Politico’s source told them Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey blames much of the company’s recent multimillion-dollar losses on Limbaugh’s controversial remarks about Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student. In February of 2012, Limbaugh referred to Fluke as “a slut” because she called on Congress to mandate insurance coverage of birth control. The subsequent controversy over those remarks resulted in a massive advertising boycott.

Rush Limbaugh coming to SiriusXM Radio?

Should Rush move to Sirius XM or online? It’s certainly been a solution for Howard Stern and others. With advertisers bailing on Limbaugh, reports have been circulating that he may end up doing just that.

Not long after nearly 100 national advertisers and dozens more have dropped Limbaugh, post-Sandra Fluke, Limbaugh syndicator Premiere Radio Networks suspended the requirement to “run barter spots for two weeks, March 12th and March 19th, for our News/Talk affiliates only,” according to an internal memo from Premiere. The suspension includes Limbaugh’s and other talk shows.”

It was a nice relief valve for the advertisers who were literally under attack. But was it enough? Probably not. The idea that the controversy could actually become “the end of talk radio” is a comment from Rush himself. This is affecting advertising on other controversial talkers as well as even network news.

A new campaign — with the Twitter hash tag #BulliedbyRush — spearheaded by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem, founders of the “Women’s Media Center” wants him off the air entirely. In an op-ed the three call on the FCC to take action saying that it’s time to “take back our broadcast resources” and get what they call “toxic, hate inciting speech” off the public airwaves.

Could this be an opportunity for SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Pandora, RadioIO or others?

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Donald Trump for President, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern

To which The Donald adds, “That’s probably tougher than the Republicans and the Democrats.”

Trump’s jest aside, his friendships with those two icons (Rush and Howard) show the potential potency of his campaign if he is serious about a presidential run. He truly would be able to bridge the audiences of two seemingly divergent radio worlds, and that type of momentum would make for some powerful electoral brew.

“What people don’t know about Rush, he really has an amazing heart. He’s got a big heart,” Trump shared with HUMAN EVENTS. “The fact is, Rush is a great guy, and I’ve known Rush for a long time, and he’s fantastic.”

And Stern?

“I’ve gotten to know Howard very well over the years … he’s a very different person when you take the mic away. And he also has a very big heart. Now people wouldn’t understand that about Howard.”

On the duo, Trump added: “These two guys, they’re both giants, and they’re both at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both have great hearts. And when you get to know them, they are not exactly what you expect to see on radio or on television.”

Howard Stern on Rush Limbaugh

Robin asked what’s up with Rush Limbaugh. Howard said he read that he was in Hawaii and that pissed him off. Howard said he apparently got sick out there. He said he was pissed that he was even in Hawaii and they should ban that dude from the state. Howard said he wishes he could do a show from Hawaii or Palm Beach like Rush does.

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