Stern fan pranks ABC after Empire State Building shooting

A Howard Stern fan called into ABC News stating that he was close by to the Empire State Building and saw the shooting take place:

“I was right in the front of the store with my friend Ronnie Mund and we all just heard the glass breaking…and a guy go down…and we all just started running right into the back.”

So what happened to the guy that went down? “Howard Stern came in and took him” said the fan as he was disconnected.

Howard Stern calling for Assault Weapons Ban after Aurora Shooting

Despite being a gun owner himself, Howard Stern is calling for Obama to stand up to the NRA and pass a ban on all Assault Rifles.

“The real story is, the President of the United States and Mitt Romney — the two guys running to be President in 2012, they’re running currently — both of them are so fucking pussy-whipped by the NRA, the National Rifle Association, they’re such fucking cowards, the two of them, that neither one of them are willing to get up there and say we need a full ban on assault weapons.”

Stern Show’s Captain Janks prank calls during Colorado theater shooting coverage

A prankster who is a regular caller to shock-jock Howard Stern and calls himself Captain Janks fooled a TV journalist reporting on the Batman cinema gun rampage by posing as a police chief in a phone-in interview and raising the Colorado death toll to 15.

Janks, pretended to be police captain Dan Oates and told the anchorwoman on KUSA-TV that 15 people had died – one more than had earlier been reported.

“The 15th guy was furious because he was cut from America’s Got Talent. Howard Stern rejected him,” Janks said before TV producers realised that they were victims of a prank and cut him off.

Viewers Reaction: I was just watching the 9NEWS online from Colorado, and the anchor was all set to interview the police chief and when she started the guy turned out to be a Howard Stern Prankster…

There is just no shame…we really are in a cultural death spiral. And please don’t bore me with “small turd in a punch bowl ruins everything” rhetoric…