Howard Stern Gilbert Gottfried (Recap + Video)

Gilbert @ 30 minutes

Howard came back and had Gilbert Gottfried come right in. Howard asked him if he was listening out in the green room. Gilbert said he was listening. Howard said he heard Gary was talking to him out there and Gilbert didn’t ask how Artie was doing or anything. Gilbert was laughing as they were talking about that. Gary said he asked Gilbert how his kids were. Gilbert just said that the boy and the girl were okay. He didn’t give out their names.

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Howard Stern's Birthday

Howard started the show talking about his birthday since it was today. Robin said it’s a special day. Howard said all of America celebrates his birthday. He said he tells Beth about the old days when they’d have big extravaganzas at places like Tavern on the Green.

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Howard Stern on Artie's Suicide Attempt

Howard wasn’t sure what to say about this story in the paper about Artie (Stern sidekick in suicide try). He said he was hoping the story wouldn’t come out. He thought they were out of the woods with that because the family was able to keep it out of the news for so long.

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Howard Stern Hottest Cougar Contest (video and recap)

Howard said it was time for the Hottest Cougar contest. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear the intro yet. Howard said he might have to explain it first. Howard said that a Cougar is an older woman who is looking for younger men. He said they have a 40 year old, a 38 year old and a 50 year old. Fred had some cougar sound effects that he was playing whenever Howard would say cougar. The 50 year old cougar sound clip had less energy than the other two.

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Howard Stern Cat

Howard came back and took a call from a guy who said he saw Beth on FOX and Friends this morning and she was talking about how they’re getting a cat. Howard said he didn’t know about that. Beth said that they’re getting one cat, possibly 2. Howard said he doesn’t think that it’s the right time for that. He said that if she wants cats that’s fine but he’d prefer that they didn’t. He said he has to go along with it. Beth said that he’s going to love them. Howard said he loves Beth and he’ll have to just let her do it. Beth said they can compromise and just get one. Howard said that he’d like to wait for a year to figure out if he’s going to be on radio then. He said they have the apartment being worked on too so there’s that as well.

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Howard Stern Tuesday, December 8, 2009 show recap

Artie Returns Thanks To Klonopin. 12/08/09. 6:00am

Show opening bits and songs included: Fred the Elephant Boy classified ad voice mail, Joe Walsh performing ”Rocky Mountain Way” live on the Howard Stern Show.

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Howard Stern – Medicated Pete Dating Game video

Howard got to the Medicated Pete dating game. He said that they have Medicated Pete coming in to meet 3 girls who were already set up in the studio. Howard had Pete come in after that. He was looking down at the floor and not at the girls. Pete eventually looked at them and asked what was up. Howard said that Pete has Tourettes and he was having a hard time today.

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