Stern Show Moving To 7am Start?

howard stern 2014Howard Stern spoke on his show this morning about news reports that SiriusXM wants to sign him to a contract extension.

He also acknowledged that he was considering delaying the start time of his program from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.

The radio host has a little under two years remaining on his current deal. Though the famed DJ has always hinted at leaving or retiring at contract time, this time he appears to be simply stating how he feels.

Stern has long complained that the early start time for his program forces him to have to go to sleep very early. He has, in recent years, made a case that because his program loops all day anyway there is not reason for him to stick to traditional radio start times.

Morning drive is the most lucrative period of the day for regular radio. It’s hard to argue that the 6-10 a.m. traditional time period makes sense in the subscription based satellite model Stern broadcasts in now.

Andrew Dice Clay on The Howard Stern Show

Andrew Dice Clay is on a roll. Or as the comedian sees it, enjoying a resurgence.

He’s in Woody Allen’s latest movie, “Blue Jasmine,” which opens Friday, August 2nd. He will judge a new syndicated TV talent show and see his autobiography published next spring and is collaborating on a documentary about his life and career with “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin.

George Takei gets personal on Stern and More!

George Takei gets interviewed by Stern Show listener Allison Hope Weiner on his Howard Stern show role, decision to come out of the closet publicly, Artie Lange and dealing directly with homophobia.

George shares some very personal stories of his upbringing and his Japanese-American family’s internment during WWII. George’s new Japanese Interment musical titled Allegiance runs from Sept. 7 – Oct. 21, 2012 at The Old Globe, CA.

Howard Stern advertiser Ashley Madison offers Tiger Woods 5Mil

TMZ has obtained a contract sent to Tiger by the people over at AshleyMadison — a website for people who want to secretly cheat on their spouses — offering him $5 million to provide services in connection with the “advertisement, endorsement, sale and promotion” of the website.

The site’s honchos never call Tiger out for cheating … they just think Tiger and his self-proclaimed “personal sins” are a perfect match for their cheeky agenda.

Howard Stern was doing the live reads for Ashley Madison on the Stern show, but then they gave the duties to Artie Lange, since Howard got married.

Could this be the end of Artie on the Stern Show?

artie lange sick

Fred asked Howard if he thinks Artie had a nervous breakdown. Howard said he doesn’t know. He said he really doesn’t know what’s going on. Howard handed Fred the text so he could read it. Fred said he’s standing by what he said before reading that text. He said it confirmed what he though and that short text speaks volumes.

Howard asked Fred if he thinks that they’ll ever see Artie again. Fred said it’s just a matter of time, it might be 6 months but he will come back.

Question and Answer with Gary Dell'Abate We’re here in Vegas for the Fantasy Football Super Draft, how long have you been playing fantasy football?

Dell’Abate: This is only my third season so I’m fairly new to it. We have a Stern Show league with a lot of the guys from the show. It’s myself, John Hein, who co-hosts “The Wrap-Up Show” with me, Will and Jason, who produce in the office, Steve Brandano from “The Intern Show,” Scott “The Engineer,” David Height who does “The History of Howard,” Jared, JD and Jerry O’Connell. You started being called Baba Booey 20 years ago for simply calling Baba Looey, Baba Booey. Do you think that first pitch is going to be with you just as long now?

Dell’Abate: Probably. Who knows? I never thought the name would stick with me that long but I love it. For the most part when someone calls me Baba Booey now it’s a term of endearment. Finally, Howard keeps hinting that he may retire soon, when that day comes is there a chance you might get out of talk radio and start producing a sports show?

Dell’Abate: Yeah, I love sports. I think Real Sports is probably the best show on television. It really is consistently good. It’s about sports and yet you don’t have to be a ports fan to like it. I find my wife watching it with me a lot even though she doesn’t care about the sports stories because they have such great human interest stories. It’s so well done. It’s probably my favorite show on TV right now so that might be a possibility.

Show In The Hallway Episode 7 (S2)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

When you’re watching “Show In The Hallway” keep in mind the line between reality and scripted material is often blurred. In one scene in particular from “Artie’s Chair”, Sal complains to Richard about how Artie is constantly talking negatively about him on the air. The scene takes place in the bathroom just outside of the Stern Show hallway where Sal and Richard are pissing together. The bathroom has only one toilet. Sal and Richard weren’t taking turns but actually crossing streams. This seems like it was done for exaggerated comedic purposes only it wasn’t. This is what Sal and Richard actually do on a day to day basis! They claim it “saves time” because they are so busy. I’ve even heard them say “we do everything together”. Whatever the excuse is its just plain weird.