Asa Akira rides the Sybian on the Stern Show (Recap)

She went from being a regular on the Bubba the Love Sponge show to winning ‘Best Anal’ at the 2012 AVN Awards…

asa akira howard sternThe other reason Bubba dropped by this morning was to bring in two women, Asa Akira and Jess, to ride the Sybian and to have their “pusses shocked.” While Howard commented he didn’t want to see the women go through the pain Richard and Sal did, Gary admitted he was interested in seeing how females reacted to the dog collars.

As Asa Akira and Jess began disrobing to give the Sybian its inaugural “double ride,” Howard thanked them for making the show “less gay.” Gary then turned the machine on, and Brent, Bubba’s producer, asked Akira and Jess to kiss, which they did. After a just few minutes on the Sybian, both girls moaned and said they had orgasms.

Octomom Rides The Sybian (Video & Pics)

Octomom, Nadya Suleman rides the Sybian and promotes her first solo adult movie she did with Wicked Pictures.
Click the link below to see the pics…or not.

Video and Pics sent to Wcqj via Twitter..

Howard said the Octomom, Nadya Suleman, is coming in now. He said Nadya has 14 children. He said she looks good. Her boobs were popping out when she came in. Nadya said she’s doing great but Robin said she’s not and they all know it. Nadya said she really is doing good.

Howard said that Nadya did the kid thing and she has 14 kids that she has to deal with. Howard said they have a picture of her up on today. Howard said he can smell her from there. She was heavily perfumed.

Howard said Nadya told them that she would never do porn. He said she said it wasn’t her and that’s just something she didn’t want to do. Howard said Nadya thought she could figure out a way to support the kids without going to porn but she was wrong. Nadya said she tried to get food stamps and she was so embarrassed that she had to do something. She said they’re off food stamps now that she’s doing this. She said she’s thankful for having hit rock bottoms. Nadya said it was the most humbling thing to happen to her. She asked who she is to judge anyone now.

Howard asked if she told the people who she was when she called about the food stamps. She said they told her that they were shocked that it took so long for her to call fro help. She said that they were like angels and they came and helped. She said they’ve been off the food stamps for a few months now. Howard said they must have brought the stamps down in crates. Nadya said that it’s like $4,000 a month in food alone for her and the kids.

Howard said he heard that her house is in foreclosure. Nadya said that she had an arrangement and she just found out yesterday that it is so she has people working on it. Nadya said she has a real estate agent working to negotiate for her. Nadya said the house isn’t in her name. She said it’s in the old owner’s name but she was paying for it. Howard said he’s not sure how she can live like this. Nadya said she has so many opportunities coming her way and she can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Howard asked Nadya about this deal she signed where she said she will only masturbate. She’s not having sex with men in the porn. Howard said that she had to teach herself how to masturbate. Nadya started to bleed when she started to do it. Nadya said she is very small and she only had 4 of the kids naturally. She said she’s been celibate for many years. She said she hasn’t been with a man in 13 and a half years. She said she had a boyfriend back then and she could count the number of times she did it on her hands. Nadya said that she is attracted to men but she doesn’t touch them. She said she’s not attracted to herself but she touches herself.

Howard asked Nadya if she was molested or anything like that. Nadya said she never was. She said she grew up being taught that it was wrong to touch herself.

Howard asked how she learned how to masturbate. Nadya said she learned from Jessica Drake. Howard said she’s one of the top porn attractions in the world now. Nadya said the crew were very respectful and that’s why she was able to relax on the set.

Howard asked Nadya about getting naked and doing this for the first time. Nadya said she was comfortable doing the whole thing. Howard asked what they paid her to do it. Nadya said she’s not even sure. She said they have been so respectful with this whole thing. Howard asked if she’s afraid to tell them what she made. She said that they have total power over the whole thing and she hasn’t made nay money yet. She said that it depends on how many they sell. She said today is the big release day. Howard said it doesn’t sound like a total rescue yet.

Nadya said she has other things going on. She said she’s with and that she’s working with.

Howard had the guys bring in Jessica Drake to talk about how she helped Nadya. Jessica came in and said that she’s been with Wicked pictures for 8 years now. She told Howard that she’s with Brad Armstrong who directed Nadya’s film. She said that his specialty is making women look really beautiful. She said that they’ve been together for 9 years. Jessica said that she was speaking at UCLA that morning and she’s been teaching people about sex. Howard asked what she can teach and if she can help him out with his premature ejaculation. She said she has some tips for him. She said that he can practice masturbating and then stopping and squeezing that can help delay the orgasm.

Howard said he has beaten off the last two nights and he should be able to hold out tonight so he’ll give that a try. He said he doesn’t think it works though. He said women just feel too good. Howard said he can’t hold out with a beautiful woman. Howard said he can’t hold out with his wife because she’s so good looking. Howard said maybe if he bangs only ugly women he could hold out.

Howard got back to Nadya’s story and asked what her boyfriend told her. Jessica said she had met Nadya a bunch of times. She said that she was at the house for wardrobe and things like that. She said that Nadya was nothing like what she expected.

Howard said he was surprised that Nadya’s boobs looked as good as they did. He said he expected them to be really saggy. Nadya said that she had a breast reduction. She said she was very big even as a teen.

Howard asked Jessica if she could tell Nadya how to masturbate now. Nadya said that she was just soothing and she imitated what Jessica did. Jessica said that Nadya was doing some pretty girl tease and she was caressing herself and Nadya would do what she was doing. She said that once she got the feel of what she was doing she started to do her own thing. Howard asked if Jessica put her finger in her ass. She said she didn’t do it that day but she does it usually. Nadya said she doesn’t think her finger would fit in her’s.

Nadya said that she tried to put the shiny thing in herself but she had issues. Howard asked what’s going on with this whole thing. Jessica said that she thinks that Nadya doesn’t have any confidence in herself. She said she doesn’t think that she’ll end up fucking a guy in a film. Howard said he thinks she will. Jessica said they didn’t offer her a certain amount of money to do something she didn’t want to do. She said that she’s just doing what she wants to do.

Nadya said that she has nothing but positive thoughts these days. Jessica said she sent Nadya home with a vibrator. Nadya said she took a small one home and that was perfect. Howard asked if she has masturbated since she did the movie. Nadya said she doesn’t have time to do it with the 14 kids.

Howard said Nadya wants to sit on the Sybian today. Nadya said she’s looking forward to it. Jessica said she thinks that it’s going to be great and Nadya can deliver those wild orgasms. Howard said Jessica might be like a vagina whisperer. Jessica said she likes to enable people to love sex. Howard said he’s never seen Jessica before. He asked if she has ever been a babysitter in any of her porn. She said she actually has.

Howard said this is a big change for Nadya. She said it really is and she faced her biggest fear of revealing her sexuality. Howard said she just has to be open and remember that’s not roast beef down there. Jessica said that her vagina is really cute. She said it’s very small. Very, very small. Jessica said she’s a fan of a beautiful vagina and she has one.

Howard said he thinks that Nadya is into women and she just doesn’t want to admit to it. Nadya said she’s going to plead the Fifth.

Howard said Nadya is going to ride the Sybian now. Jessica was going to help and coach her. Howard had the guys help Nadya get on the Sybian. Howard said she really does have a small vagina. He said it almost doesn’t exist.

Jessica showed Nadya how to sit on the Sybian. Nadya wasn’t sure where to sit. She didn’t know what the bumpy parts were for. Gary helped her out too. He told her where to sit. Howard said they’ll start her out at 20 percent. Will said that he heard she was going to get topless for this. She said she was afraid. Howard said she can do whatever she wants. Nadya asked if she could look at Jessica for this. Howard said she can because he thinks that she’s lesbian anyway.

Howard gave Nadya some plugs for her new video that’s out today at

Howard had the guys start the Sybian. Nadya was out of it within seconds. Howard told Gary to turn it up from 20 percent to 60 percent a few seconds later. Nadya was trying to enjoy it and Jessica tried to help her relax. Nadya didn’t know what was going on. She was moaning like she was in pain. She kept saying ”Oh shoot!” and ”Oh god!” while it was running. Robin was cracking up. Jessica told her to just let it go. Nadya moaned and said ”Oh no!” and Jessica told her ”Oh yes!” Nadya asked them to stop a short time later. Howard told Gary to bring it down. Gary kept going up and down for a few more seconds.

Nadya asked what the heck that was. Howard asked Nadya what happened there. She said something happened. She said it worked. She said she’s kind of embarrassed though. Nadya asked if they’re the only ones who will see it. Howard said everyone who has Howard TV will see it. She said that’s not good.

Howard asked how many orgasms she had. Nadya said that she can’t remember. She asked who invented that thing. Howard said it was Dave Lampert. Howard said that this is a whole new you. He said that she went from not even talking about sex to riding the Sybian. Nadya said she’s becoming a woman. Howard said they’re seeing the rebirth of Nadya. Nadya said that all she can say is ”Wow!” She said she’s very talkative too.

Howard said that Jessica is an excellent coach. He said that she is a loving and caring woman. Howard said he’s sure that Nadya’s video will burn up the internet. He said that her video is called Home Alone and it’s available today. Nadya said she hopes the kids never see this. Howard said they will. He said she’ll have to move them to China.

Howard said that Nadya will be at a celebrity pillow fight in Pennsylvania and you can get tickets at

Howard told Nadya that she shouldn’t wear fishnets. He said they’re not hot. Nadya said she wanted to cover up some tattoos and stuff. Howard asked if she left anything on the Sybian. She said she didn’t want to know. Will told her it was kind of wet and it had a smell. She just said ”Oh no!” Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.

Tila Tequila rides the Sybian

Howard Stern interviews Tila.

Howard came back and had Tila Tequila come in. Howard said he had never gotten so much hate mail before she was on last. He said he has to talk to her about that. Howard said that he has a lot to talk to her about.

Tila came in and Howard said she’s looking very sexy. She said it’s been a while. She said she thinks it was around a year ago she was on last. Howard said he got so much hate mail about her when she was on. Howard said they told him not to have her on the show. Howard asked why people are enraged by her. Tila said last year was a crazy time for her. Howard asked why it was so crazy. She said they might as well just replay her last appearance.

Howard said Tila has a crazy life. He said she wants to move to New York and get a ”normal” roommate. Howard said that he would imagine that everyone would be afraid to live with her. She said that it’s the opposite of what people think she’s like. Howard asked if she has a lot of money. She said she’s actually broke right now. She said she just wants to experience what it’s like to be normal. Tila said she went to college for a semester and she kind of misses that normal life. Tila said she’d like to go back to college and party with her colleagues and things like that.

Howard asked if she wants the fame to go away. Tila said that she would like that right now. Howard asked what she wants to go to school for. She said he wants to be a teacher.

Howard asked Tila about her porn tape and what was going on there. Tila said that she is in the tape but she had nothing to do with the release. Howard said he tried to watch it last night but it froze up. He said he wasn’t able to see it. He said he saw some of it and it was pretty hard core. He said it looked like some hot action too.

Howard asked Tila about going to this Insane Clown Posse concert and she got pelted with stones, balloons with urine in them and feces. Tila said they set her up for that. She said that they have a reputation for doing that. Tila said they did the same thing to Method Man the next day. Tila said they just wanted to talk about her and that’s how they did it. Howard asked why people hate her so much. Tila said she doesn’t know. She said he’d have to ask those people.

Howard asked Tila what she would do if she was a P.R. person and she wanted to advise her. Tila said she would just move to New York and not give a fuck about them.

Tila told Howard that the insane Clown Posse set her up and they got what they wanted. Howard said that they advised her not to go on stage and she went up anyway. She said that they’re lying about that. Tila said she was going to sue them but it’s a waste of her time so she’s just going to forget about it and move on.

Howard asked Tila about her MTV show and how she was looking for love on the show. Tila is into women and she had a girlfriend for a while. Tila said they broke up but she just met someone a week after moving to New York. She said that it’s a guy and she hasn’t been with guys for years. She said that she makes guys wait like 3 months before they get in her pants. Tila said she likes girls better but she likes guys who get her jokes. She said that’s a must for anyone who dates her. Howard said he wouldn’t think she’d be into him if she was into girls. He asked if she’d bring girls home for the guy. Tila said that she will only have threesomes with women. She said she’s never had a guy in them.

Howard asked Tila about this woman she was dating and if she was famous. Tila said she was but she doesn’t want to talk about who it was.

Howard asked why Tila thinks that Samantha Ronson was happy about her getting attacked on stage at the Insane Clown Posse concert. Tila said she was pretty cool with her until she said that. She said she was pretty shocked by the comment.

Howard asked Tila about how she was supposed to be on Celebrity Rehab but she didn’t get on. Tila said that there’s a group of rich bitches who do nothing but have Daddy’s money. He said they found out that she had the chance to go on the show and they got jealous. She said they started making up stories about her and sending them out. She said that she knows exactly who said that but whatever. Howard wondered how you bad mouth someone out of celebrity rehab.

Tila said she is up 24/7 and she doesn’t have an Ambien addiction like people claim she does. Howard said she tweeted once that she had an addiction problem. Tila didn’t know what he was talking about. Howard asked if she had an addiction problem. Tila said he has. She said she’s tried just about every drug on the planet at some point in her life.

Howard asked Tila about people throwing human doody at her and how that must have made her nuts since she has OCD.

Tila told Howard about cuts on her arms and how her other personality had done that to her. She said that’s the thug bitch that beats her up all the time. Her name is Jane. She said she has a few other personalities in there too. Tila told Howard about how she wishes that they would leave her alone. She’s done some things trying to get rid of them but she has a hard time getting rid of them.

Tila claims that her Jane personality tried to kill her. Tila said that she tried to prevent her from killing someone else and she had to fight with her to stop from killing someone else so she stabbed her but Jane is in her body so she stabbed herself. Tila said that Jane put video of it on YouTube. She said that there was this gory video of her stabbing her arm up there.

Howard said everything she’s talking about would tell him to stay away from her. He said that he thinks he would fuck her anyway though. He said she must be wild in bed. Tila said crazy girls are wild in bed. Tila said there’s a man in her too. She said his name is Owen. Tila said that the guy is an old British man.

Howard asked Tila if she thinks that she could wake up with an ass full of semen and not know who it was that had sex. Tila said ”ewwww” and said she thinks she’d know. Howard said the Howard TV guys have video of Tila stabbing herself. They played the tape and Tila said you can hear the voice isn’t even her voice.

Tila told Howard that she got into a fight once and made friends with a Hispanic gang to defend her. She said that they brought her into their gang.

Tila said there’s another personality in her that she calls Little Tila. She said she’s very shy and very scared. Howard wanted to talk to her. Howard said hello to her and asked if she was very shy and if she likes anal. Little Tila didn’t know what anal was. She said she didn’t want to talk. Little Tila brought regular Tila back. Howard wanted to talk to Owen. Tila did an awful British accent for about a second.

Howard said that Tila is very attractive and that’s what saves her. Howard said he would like to screen some of her friends.

Howard said Tila is still working on her music career. Robin said she thought she wanted a normal life. Howard said that’s not happening.

Howard asked Tila about what the worst crime is that she committed. She said she was going to go to sleep. Howard asked if it was murder. She wasn’t talking.

Howard played some of Tila’s new song. She said it was the wrong one. Howard said that’s what he had. He asked to dance with her. Howard got up and danced and Tila claimed that Owen was going to dance with him.

Tila told Howard about going to a party last night and seeing a bunch of news anchors there. She said there were some who were messed up on drugs.

Tila told Howard that she changed her name to Miss Tila because even she hates Tila Tequila. Howard gave her some plugs for her new song and her web site

Howard suggested some more names for Tila. He suggested Tila Vodka or maybe Tila Nyquila or something like that. Howard said he bets that she does the full monty in bed. Howard suggested Tila Fajita. Tila said that was a downgrade from Tila Tequila.

Howard asked Tila about what she does with the chicks she’s with. He asked if she’s tried a strap-on with the girls. She said she has done that. She said that it can feel like pounding her from behind and you feel dick envy when you do that. She said he can cum from just that.

Howard asked if she’s jealous that he has a penis. She said she’d have to look at it first. Howard asked if she’s ever fucked a fat chick. Tila said she hasn’t yet. Howard asked if she’s just into lipstick lesbians. Howard figured that a real lesbian would be with a more masculine lesbian. Tila said that’s not the way it works. Tila said she felt like Jane was about to come out while he’s talking about this. She said she’s going to push her back in and not let her out.

Howard asked Tila what she does with nips. She said she just sucks on them. She said Howard knows what to do. She said that her nipples are very sensitive and she can cum from someone just sucking on them. Howard said a few minutes should be enough then. She said that when you suck on her nipples she can cum because they’re connected to her vagina in some way. Howard asked what kind of sucking it would be. She said that if you suck on one and play with the other with your hand she can cum. Howard thanked her for that.

Howard said that you can get Tila’s single ”You Can Dance” on iTunes. He gave her another plug for her web site too. Howard said she taught him some stuff today too. He said that most of his audience is guys so they go right over those titties usually.

Howard asked if he should lick her vagina too. She said that’s a must. She said that you have to get all sensual with it and tease it with your fingers. Tila said that you can use your finger around her ass too. Howard said it was exhausting what she was describing. He said he likes Tila. He said she’s fun. Howard said he’s going to watch her sex tape too. Tila said that’s why she had to dye her hair black.

Howard had some audio of Tila making some noise in her sex tape. She asked him to stop the tape and she’d make that sound on her own. She made some noise and touched herself. Howard asked if she really did that. She said she did. Howard said she’s lying. Howard said he didn’t see anything but she was showing her wet fingers.

Gary asked if she wanted to ride the Sybian. She said she would do that. She had no idea what it was. Howard told her it was all clean and that she had to be honest on it. Howard said he’d suck her nipples while she’s on it. The guys set her up on the Sybian. She asked what she’s supposed to do. She flashed her tits to Howard. Howard said they’re perfect. She claims they’re real.

Howard had Gary turn the Sybian on and started her off at about 30 percent power. She had him turn it up. She said she was going to cum about a minute later. She asked them to stop but Howard told Gary to keep it going. Tila stayed on it and sounded like she was enjoying it. She asked if she could take it with her. They eventually turned the power down and let her off the thing.

Tila said that was good shit. Howard said her panties were soaked. Howard said she ripped her top off during that. Tila asked if it was going to be all over the press. Howard said of course it is. Howard said her new single is going to go through the roof. Tila said this will be her last appearance ever. She said that’s the end of Miss Tila.

Howard asked if it was as good as she made it sound. She said that they had it at 100 percent and she was rubbing herself. Howard said she’s rubbing her ass too. He said her panties are wet from that. Howard told her to take them off. Howard told her to get back on there with Jane and Little Tila… and Owen too.

Howard said that was some ride. He said she lost herself. Tila told Howard he was supposed to help make her better. She said that he’s not helping her image. Howard said she came to the right place. Howard asked Robin if she saw that. Robin said she saw some of it. Tila asked if they filmed that. Howard said of course they did. Tila didn’t know that people were listening. She saw the video replay and asked them to please delete it. She said she feels so embarrassed. Howard said it was the most beautiful thing she saw.

Tila asked Robin how she feels about doing all of this. Howard said this was Robin’s idea. Tila said she should go to church and become a nun. Howard gave her some more plugs for her song and her web site. Howard said goodbye to Tila, Jane, Owen and Little Tila. She attempted some of the voices but they all sounded the same. They went to break a short time later.

Adrianne Curry Sybian Ride (Howard Stern)

Howard had the guys bring in Adrianne Curry. He said he wanted to look nice for her. Adrianne said he looked fine. Howard said he loves following her on Twitter @AdrianneCurry. He said she looks great and asked what she does to work out. She ran down a bunch of things that she does to stay in shape. She works out in these Kangoo boots and things like that. Howard asked if she’s going to put more pictures on there. She said Chris cares about what she posts sometimes. She said she’s been with him for 7 years now and he hasn’t broken her yet.

Howard said he thinks that she’s not real happy with Chris. Adrianne said that no one is happy married. Howard said he’s been living with Beth for 11 years and married for 2. Adrianne laughed. She said that they do have their ups and downs.

Howard asked how old she is. She’s 28 and Chris Knight is 53. Howard said it seems like there’s no sex going on. Adrianne said that’s true. She said it happens once in a while. Howard said he would be banging her 3 times a week minimally. Adrianne said that’s because he doesn’t have to deal with her every day. She said Chris is very quiet and she’s very loud. She said if he farts at the grocery store she’ll yell out that he just farted.

Adrianne said she has a Hitachi Magic Wand that she uses very often. She said she’s 28 and she needs it often. Howard said she must be being faithful. She said she is. Howard asked if she’s going to keep masturbating. Adrianne said she’d like to have a clone to fuck herself.

Howard said Adrianne got married in 2006 and things are festering. He said she’s 28 and she wants sex but she’s cut herself off. Howard said Chris doesn’t even seem interested in her. Howard asked if she’s talked to him about doing other people. She said he’s very against an open marriage. She said she’s cool with him going to a massage parlor where they give happy endings and things like that. Howard said he likes that attitude.

Howard said he’s very possessive too so he knows where Chris is coming from. He said he would be very jealous. He said that’s probably healthy to be jealous. Adrianne said jealousy does exist and she’s cool with it. She said that she might start wondering if he kept going to get a hand job at a massage parlor a lot.

Howard asked if Adrianne role plays a lot. She said she pulled out all of her aces in the first couple of years. She said there’s not much left to do. She said she’s not the first hot chick that Chris has dated either. She said he dated Cindy Margolis years ago.

Howard asked what she did with him. She said that they did everything and she almost brought home a stripper from Russia. Howard said he loves that she’s so open sexually. He said she’s great to follow on Twitter.

Howard said he loves the pictures she Tweets. He said it’s really fun. Adrianne said she loves Twitter and telling people what she thinks in 140 characters. She said she’ll just put an ass shot up when she’s done talking about Darth Vader.

Howard asked Adrianne how they’re doing financially. She said they lost a lot when the economy tanked and she doesn’t have enough to not work. She said she does have to work and she saves her game playing until after 5 at night. Adrianne said she plays a lot of World of Warcraft. Howard said he can’t believe a chick that hot is into a game like that. Howard read about the character she plays as and asked her about that. She told Howard she’s a guild master too. Adrianne said she’s the leader and she’s meeting some of her people tonight in Tribeca.

Howard asked if she could answer questions about World of Warcraft. She said she might be able to do that. Howard asked her some questions and Adrianne said she knows some of this stuff but not all of it. She missed most of the questions. Howard said that her minions are looking for a new guild master now.

Howard asked Adrianne about going to the conventions and dressing up. She said she loves doing that just to go. She has a Mandolorian go with her to protect her at the convention.

Howard asked if she’s bursting at the seams sexually. She said she is sometimes. She said she thinks about women and men. She said she has probably fucked all of her friends in her mind at least once or twice. Robin asked if she thinks about couples that they hang out with. She said that she dos but she doesn’t tell them about it.

Howard asked when she masturbates. She said she’ll do it before a shower in the morning. She said the magic wand is like a jackhammer for the clit. She said she’s done in a few seconds.

Howard asked how Chris isn’t into her. He said he wouldn’t care how annoying she was. He asked how much she weighs. She said she’s about 138-142 and she’s 5’10” tall. She said she just waits for Chris to come to her now. She said she used to chase him. Adrianne said that she leaves the curtains open when they do it too. She said that their neighbor always leaves her windows open too so she’ll watch and tell Chris to come watch. He always misses it though.

Howard said Adrianne has always been gay. She said she had a boyfriend before Chris but it’s mostly been women.

Howard asked if she thinks she belongs with Chaz. She said she doesn’t know Chaz personally. Howard said he can’t believe that this guy is not banging her. He said she said on her honeymoon she saved her anal virginity for her husband. She said it was an awesome experience too.

Adrianne told Howard about going to Bora Bora for their honeymoon and how she started going at it. She said he popped a Viagra and didn’t tell her. She said he lasted forever and she had to tell him to stop. She said she couldn’t walk for like 2 days. She said he was hard as marble from the Viagra.

Howard asked how long it took for Chris to get in there. She said it took a while. Howard asked how she prepared. She said she’s pretty clean and healthy so she timed it out. She said she was right and timed it right. Howard asked if she took a shower right before. She said she did. Adrianne said she’s very cleanly with her body. She takes a couple of baths a day.

Adrianne said she had this one chick who had the smelliest vagina ever. She said she never went down on her. She said she was going to go down on her but she remembers trailing her tongue down her stomach and she could smell it. She said she finger banged her in the shower and that was the end of that. She never did her again.

Howard said he thinks that she’s smelling the ass. Adrianne said the ass and the pussy can fester and it all becomes one. Howard said Beth will take a bath and he’s never detected a bit of an odor on this woman. Adrianne said any woman who really cares is going to freshen up and take care of it down there.

Howard asked if she got implants. Adrianne said she did. She said she liked her boobs and she got pregnant and miscarried. She said one of her breasts got really big and the other didn’t. She said she wasn’t going to do anything about it until one night Chris got drunk and said that it was like being with two different women. She said she got one implant that’s the smallest they make so that it wouldn’t sag. Howard said he’d be upset that her husband doesn’t bang her if she takes that much care of herself. Adrianne said it doesn’t bother her.

Howard asked if Adrianne watches porn. She said she does. She learned that she had viruses from going on porn sties. He said she’s not going to search the internet so much for porn now. Howard asked if she just whips out the vibrator in front of her husband. SHE said she will do that sometimes. She said that he’ll wake up and ask why she’s shaking the bed so much. Adrianne said Chris used to get upset with her using them but now he sees that it helps keep her off his back.

Howard asked if she’s come close to cheating. Adrianne said she has been brainwashed into thinking she’s a whore if she cheats so she doesn’t do that. She said that she has kissed a woman but the woman came on to her in front of Chris. Howard asked if she’s been approached to do another realty show. She said she has but she doesn’t want to do another one with her husband. She said their relationship is volatile as it is. She said they’ve come close to divorcing. Howard asked what happened. Adrianne said she found a phone number of an ex girlfriend in his phone and he denied it. She said she did research and found out he was lying to her.

Adrianne said that you don’t keep delving into it if you don’t want to get hurt. She said she’s not sure if he cheated but she didn’t go after it. She said that she stays in his life and it drives the mother fucker crazy. She said she thinks that they’re two totally different people and she loves him very much. Howard asked if she’s in love. She said she might be out right now. She said Chris is trying to fix it. Adrianne said they’re working on things and it doesn’t take much for her.

Howard said Adrianne puts herself down all the time and he sees her as a prize. Howard said she’s fun and she’s jacking off and getting naked. He said she should be treated like a princess. Howard said he’s just being honest with her. He said she shouldn’t be putting herself down.

Howard asked Adrianne to give him one good reason why they should stay together. She said that it’s vows and that they are the only two people who can put up with the other. Howard said it didn’t sound good to him.

Robin said she has the greatest shoes on. Adrianne said her feet are not good. Howard liked them. Adrianne said the Japanese guys like her feet. She said that she has big feet and her toes are really long.

Howard said Adrianne has a Playboy TV special on this weekend. She talks to people about their sex lives and they animated it. Howard said he can’t believe she’s letting all of that go to waste. Howard said she can’t go another 30 years without having sex. Howard said he doesn’t get it.

Adrianne said she and her friends sat in a circle and talked about sex. That’s what this special is about. She said there were no dudes there. Howard asked if they oiled each other. Adrianne said they didn’t but they talked about the good times they had having sex. She said she once fucked Chris in a closet while the film crews were waiting for them to get changed.

Adrianne said they go to this funny XXX cartoon in the animation. She said they told a story about fucking on a tombstone in the show and she knows it’s wrong but that’s what she did when she was young. Howard said you can see that on Saturday night on Playboy TV on ”Celebrity Sex Tales.”

Howard said that Adrianne is also promoting an exercise belt. She said she uses it when she’s playing video games. Howard said he can’t imagine her gaming for 6 or 7 hours a day. She said that it’s always at night. Adrianne said she takes her California medication and plays games.

Howard asked Adrianne if she’s on medication. She said she’s not. She said she’s on a high on life though.

Howard said she’s also going to Comic-Con in San Diego. She said she’s just going to hang out there. Adrianne said she goes and signs autographs too. Howard gave her a plug for her Twitter account too. Howard said he has a link to see all of her pictures and he likes that too.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Adrianne has ever taken a hot load on her face. She asked ”who hasn’t?” Howard said some girls don’t like it in their eye. She said she hates it when it gets in your hair. Howard asked if she likes a finger in her. She said she likes that. Howard said some women don’t like it because guy’s fingers are dirty. Howard asked if Chris eats her ass. She said she’s never had that. She said Chris is very good at eating twat. She said he’s a firecracker in the sack if you can get him in there.

Another phone caller asked her to ride the Sybian. Adrianne said she knew that was coming. She said she’s not sure. Howard said he wants someone to tell the truth on that thing and let him know if she’s really getting off. Adrianne said she would do it if she didn’t have to insert anything. Howard had Gary come in and set it up for her. Howard said she must be highly orgasmic. She said that she is but she has to be careful with the Hitachi so she doesn’t desensitize herself.

Gary told Adrianne what she had to do and she said that Chris almost bought her one. Howard told her that the attachment is brand new and clean. Adrianne said she appreciates that. Howard had her get on the thing and had Gary set her up. She was wearing panties. Gary showed Adrianne how to ride the thing like a horse. He suggested that she pull up her dress and just put her underwear on there. Howard said she’s very uptight. He could tell. Howard told her to take a deep breath and think about her hot neighbor. He told her to relax, calm down and get into it.

Gary started the Sybian and Howard told her to turn it up to 50 percent. Adrianne said it actually was pretty awesome. Howard told her to relax and close her eyes. Howard told Gary to turn it up to 75 percent. Adrianne was laughing and saying ”Holy shit!” She said she felt like her whole body was getting a massage through her vagina. Howard told Gary to turn it up to 90 percent. Adrianne kept saying holy shit and wanted to get off the thing. She said she didn’t want to get her dress wet. Howard told her to stay on it at 100 percent. He said its’ like riding a bull, just stay on it. Adrianne said that thing is amazing and no one is lying about it.

Adrianne said she just came on that thing. She said she thinks she did anyway. She said it was probably a 7 on a scale of 10. Howard had the guys hold her up because she was wobbly. Adrianne said she would like to wear her heart rate monitor on that thing. She said that’s like the Clit Commander. She said that thing is worth every dime. Howard said he’s impressed. He said she’s a lovely lady and she did a good job. He said he believes that thing works.

Howard gave Adrianne some plugs and she was so out of it she said she had puddle brain. Howard went over the plugs again. He said he thinks she’ll have more followers after this.

Jeff the Drunk called in and said thank you to Adrianne for doing what she did. He said she looks awesome even blurry. Howard said they Tweeted a picture of her on their Twitter @SternShow too.

Adrianne told Howard she would do Beth too. Howard said he’ll have to talk to her about that. Howard took some more calls and let some guys ask Adrianne some questions. One guy asked her if she’s ever gotten spanked for being bad. She said they have done that kind of thing.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he guarantees there are geeks all over with melted keyboards. He said this was some interview. He said he’ll be following her after today. Howard said he finds her delightful. He said Robin can learn a thing or two from her. He said she might need to play that Warcraft Game at the least.

Howard told Adrianne to tell him during the break how bad things are in her marriage. He said that she can save it for off the air.

Sybian Creator Dave Lampert And Raven Alexis


Howard said he had to move on to this Sybian ride thing. He said today is the 123rd Sybian ride and to mark the date they’re going to have the creator of the Sybian, Dave Lambert, come in to talk about the product. They also have porn star Raven Alexis coming in to ride it. They brought her in first. Howard said she’s very ”girl next door” looking.

Howard told David to get nude for the segment. Raven came in and said that she was wearing a vibrator necklace today and it has 5 different speeds. She said she was playing with it the whole time she was at the AVN awards.

Howard said Raven is very beautiful and he was very excited about this Sybian ride today. He said that they have to celebrate the 123rd ride today. He said that she won some AVN awards this year. He asked how long she’s been in the business. She said she’s been doing it for about 3 years. She said that she’s signed with Digital Playground and she thinks that’s why she’s getting so much attention lately.

Howard asked Raven if there is anything she hasn’t done yet. She said that she hasn’t done anal yet but she is willing to do that. Gary said that the Howard TV guys saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. Raven showed Howard and she definitely wasn’t wearing any.

Howard asked David if he was going to run the Sybian today. He said he can’t. He said he’d get in trouble if he did that. David said that this was the first vagina he’s seen in a long time. Howard told him that he should adopt Raven. Robin asked if they watch porn. David said that they do… but not together.

Howard asked Raven when she got into porn. She said she was about 20-21 and she was on her way to visit a friend and there were like 3 people on the plane. She said that she was sitting by herself and this girl came up to her in the back and sat next to her. She was telling bits and pieces of the story so Howard said that if Courtney Cox is listening, David is beating off.

Howard got back to the story and Raven told Howard about how she and this girl got into this discussion about being bi-sexual and they started touching and kissing. She said that she was the one who started in with the other woman. She said they were in the back so no one was bothering them back there. She said they ended up eating each other out right there in the seats. She said that they didn’t even go to the bathroom to do it.

Howard said that David was taking pictures with his cell phone. David said that he’s going to get into so much shit for this.

Howard asked Raven if she ever saw that woman again. She said she never did. She said it was just the one time. Howard asked David if Courtney’s labia look as nice as Raven’s do. David said they do. Howard said she has very nice labia. Howard said he thinks that she’s David’s type too because she likes to get dressed up in outfits and go to parties and stuff.

Howard asked Raven about what kind of parties she likes to go to. She said she loves costume parties. She said she has a Star Trek uniform. She gave them the Spock ”Live long and prosper” hand signal. Howard asked if she knows much about Star Trek. She said she’s still young so she’s going back and watching the old stuff now. She said she just got into it. Howard asked if she knew what a Tribble is. She didn’t know but she’s young.

Howard read about Raven liking how she likes it when people wear masks during sex. She also likes a bunch of other stuff like guys cumming on her face. She doesn’t think that’s degrading at all. Howard said his therapist tells him it is.

Howard read that Raven was admitted into Harvard law school but she turned it down. Howard asked why she didn’t go. She said she didn’t think it was for her. She got into nude modeling and then into porn.

Howard read that she pleasures herself like twice a day. She said that’s true. She said that she enjoys sex and she loves doing porn. She said she’s actually married with two kids and she’s only 23. David said it’s like his mom all over again. Howard said his mom was a pin up girl aback in the 50s.

Howard said that Raven gave herself 100 orgasms in a day once. She also masturbated while driving 80 miles per hour on the highway. She said she thinks that was a bad idea but she did it. Howard said she’s one hot chick. He gave her some plugs for her web site and other stuff.

Howard said they’re going to have the creator of the Sybian come in while Raven rides it during the 123rd ride on the show.

Howard had Dave Lambert come in after that. Howard said he’s the creator of the product. David Arquette was laughing when he came in. Howard asked Dave how all of this came up. Dave said that he’s almost 80 and he didn’t want to talk about how he got into all of this. He said that his life experiences gave him enough to make him able to analyze the world by his standards so he knew they needed this product. Howard asked if he was a sex therapist or something. He said he was actually a dance instructor for 35 years. Howard said he must have been banging a lot of chicks and he wasn’t giving them orgasms. Dave said he found out that many women weren’t having orgasms and he figured out that they needed this machine.

Howard said he really appreciates him creating this product and bringing it to his show. He said he’s had Jenna Jameson and Carmen Electra ride it before. Dave said he saw both of those rides.

Howard asked Dave more about what he had discovered and how he came up with the idea to invent this machine. Dave said after many years he went about the idea of inventing it and designing it. Howard said it’s a pretty sophisticated machine. He said they have a lot of things going on. Howard asked if he sketched it out on paper first. Dave said it was a mental thing. He said he went through hundreds of different versions. He said if you watch the documentary you’ll see some of the original designs. Howard asked how many deaths occurred during the designing. Howard joked that 23 had died but Dave said it was zero.

David Arquette was laughing his ass off during the whole interview. Howard asked if he got it patented. He said that they turned it down because there were some designs from the 1700s that described something similar.

Howard asked if they looked for test pilots for this thing. Dave said that they had some people who were around him that would try it out. They went to swing clubs and tried them out once they got some of the first designs worked out. Dave said that a doctor helped him develop the product. David asked if any vaginas had ever caught on fire. He said that they hadn’t. Howard asked Dave if he had ever tried it out himself. He said he had. He said that he has had many orgasms on it while holding a woman who is using it. He said they sell the Venus 2000 as well so he’s used that.

Howard asked Dave how old he is. He said he’ll be 80 in October if he lives that long. Howard asked if he can still have sex at his age. Dave said he didn’t want to answer that question. Howard said that’s too bad because he should be having sex. He invented the Sybian. Howard asked why he doesn’t try Viagra or something. He said he has no desire to do that.

Howard asked if the Sybian makes him money. Dave said he does. He said that he makes money and he’s always made money. He said they have had increases in their annual sales up until this year. Howard asked how many they sell. He said he can’t answer that exactly but it’s in the tens of thousands, not the hundreds of thousands.

Howard asked Dave if he’s made millions off of this thing. Dave said he had. He said he’s rich by his own standards but he didn’t say what those standards are.

Howard said that they were going to do the Sybian ride today. Dave asked if he could control it and control how it’s used. Howard said that they don’t do insertion there. Howard said they’re not allowed to do that. He said that they just have women sit on it. Dave said that’s only a portion of the stimulation. He thought that they had done insertion at some point. Howard said they hadn’t.

Dave said he thinks that if they allow him to control it they’ll see some things that they have never seen before. Howard said he was getting kind of creeped out.

Robin asked if they’re still working on the Sybian or are they done. He said he hasn’t changed it for about 22 years because he thinks he designed it just the right way.

Howard had Raven go over to the Sybian and gave her some plugs. He said that Dave is going to be an some awards show on Saturday night.

Gary said that Dave didn’t want to use the set up they had. Howard begged him to just do it with what they had. Dave said he wishes that they’d allow him to use it the way they’d use it in their home. He wanted it on the floor the way it would be at home. Howard said that he didn’t want to get into that and they can’t start taking things apart.

Gary asked David Arquette if he has to call home and tell Courtney what happened before someone else does. David said he probably will. Howard said a happy birthday to Courtney and David’s daughter while they were talking about that.

Howard asked Dave what he wanted to do with the Sybian. He said he wanted to put it on the floor and he wanted to hold her while she was using it. He said he had permission from her to do that. Howard asked if she really wanted to experience that. Raven said she was fine with that and she wanted to experience it.

The Howard TV guys came in and took the Sybian apart so they could put it on the floor. Gary said it was like a pit crew. They took it apart and put the Sybian on the floor. Howard said he thinks that Raven just ran out of the room. Robin said she thought this was supposed to be about fun.

Dave had the guys put the Sybian on a mat and then they got started. David said that this was ruining the visual with Dave in the shot. David said it was very creepy. Will said that Dave was grabbing Raven’s ass. Dave was hugging her during the ride too. Dave was mumbling something to her as he turned up the power. Raven was moaning and Dave kept jacking up the power. He was saying stuff to her as she was trying to get off. Raven said she was cumming and Dave told her to say it loud so they could all hear it. Dave kept her going and she was yelling and cursing as she was cumming. Dave kept her going time after time. Dave told them to let her go.

Howard told Dave to let her up because it sounded like he was killing her. Dave told her to keep her eyes closed but Howard wanted to end it. Dave said he was going to go again. He let her rest for a few seconds and then started it up again. Raven said that she could go again. Dave told her to go again. She was moaning as he had the power surging up and down. Dave told her to just let it out. Dave wanted her to go again but Howard jokingly said they just got a call from the actual inventor of the Sybian and he was stuck at the airport.

Howard told Dave that was something. Gary had Raven get up. Howard asked if she was okay. She said that was the best ride she’s had. She said she had about 15 or 20 orgasms. Dave said that he told them that they’d see something they’d never seen before. Howard said it was the weirdest thing he’s ever seen. Robin said they saw an old man giving a girl a Sybian ride.

Howard said he thinks that Raven is in love with Dave. He gave them both some plugs and said it’s going to be good on Howard TV. He said that Raven is a knock out, especially for an 80 year old. Dave said he didn’t get an erection though. Raven asked if Arquette got one. David said that Dave pretty much killed it for all of them. Gary said he wasn’t sure about an erection but he hasn’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Dave said that the Sybian is getting an award tonight at some awards show. Dave told Howard that most women can go on much longer than they did today.

David asked if he could get a discount on one. Howard asked if David would do that with his wife. David said he would.

Howard took a call from a woman who said that this was just creepy. She said that they have a lot of cutting edge stuff on the show but this was just creepy. JD came in and said that he got a note from someone saying that Raven was into Necro porn.

Ralph called in and said that this was the creepiest thing he’s ever heard on the show. He said that they should get Arquette on the thing. David was laughing his ass off at what was going on in there. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.

Carmen Electra Interview and Sybian Ride (Howard Tv)

Howard said that clip was a few more minutes long. He got distracted by the Playboy he had in front of him. He wondered if that was a new one with Carmen Electra on the cover. It wasn’t new. Howard talked about how he doesn’t like the way they do things with some of the girls in the magazine. He said that they dye their hair bright blonde and it just doesn’t look right to him.

Howard read some of the interviews they had with Carmen and said that it had screwed up the show because it was so distracting. That led to Howard talking about how that guy from Perfect 10 magazine sued to make the girls say that their favourite comedian was ”Howard Stern” even if they were from Russia and other countries where they could never have heard him. He said it was so obvious that they were putting his name in there on purpose.

Howard checked out some of the centrefold information in the Playboy as well. He didn’t think that the information was right in there because a 20-year-old wouldn’t be into Roy Orbison. He thought that was kind of odd.