Howard Stern on Transcendental Meditation (Introduction to TM Technique)

Both Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld practice Transcendental Meditation.

The TM technique involves the use of a sound or mantra and is practiced for 15–20 minutes twice per day. It is taught by certified teachers through a standard course of instruction, which costs a fee that varies by country.

According to the Transcendental Meditation movement, it is a method for relaxation, stress reduction and self-development. The technique has been described as both religious and as non-religious by sociologists, scholars, and a New Jersey court case.

How Transcendental Meditation (TM) works:

Practitioners say the technique is just a simple mantra meditation. A word like Isus (pronounced Esus) would work. Researching TM on the internet it seems to involve the following steps:

  1. Closing your eyes.
  2. Waiting about half a minute.
  3. Thinking the mantra over and over again for about 15-20 minutes, twice a day.
  4. At the end of the 15 minutes stop thinking the mantra and wait about 2 minutes before opening the eyes.

Allegedly from the TM instructor: In this meditation, we do not concentrate, we do not try to say the mantra clearly. Mental repetition is not a clear pronunciation, it is just a faint idea.

Like with anything, if you want to learn the proper way to perform Transcendental Meditation you should go to the source: