Today show coming to SiriusXM

NBC 1979 LogoNBC is seeking to air its morning news show called “Today” on the radio while expanding the scope for viewers. The radio version is expected to begin from June 26 and is clearly aimed at listeners who are on the move.

Prior to this, more morning shows have been expanded to the radio. One such brief instance is ABC’s show “Good Morning America” which was aired on XM radio prior to its merger with Sirius.

The attempt had nevertheless failed to meet any success then. It was explained by the president and chief content officer of SiriusXM, Scott Greenstein, that the reason for the failure of the show on radio was because the radio version was a cut up and not a mature version of the television show.

The present proposal of launching a radio version of “Today” promises to air the show exactly as it is on the TV. SiriusXM listeners will have access to TODAY’s live East Coast feed from 7-10 am ET, and the West Coast feed from 10 am – 1 pm ET.