Howard Stern’s goodbye to WCCC

howard stern wcccWCCC, the Hartford, Connecticut rock station which once employed Howard Stern has been sold. The new owner is dropping the station’s rock format at picking up a Christian one.

Stern, who famously made $250 a week when he worked at the station, called in during the channel’s final broadcast to reminisce with outgoing program director Mike Karolyi.

“The people of Hartford were so gracious to me when I lived there, not only in terms of radio but I made a lot of personal friends,” said Stern in a 17-minute telephone call to the station during the farewell broadcast. “I am very grateful for the experience I had in Hartford.”

He added, “I love WCCC and I am sorry to see it stop being a rock station.”

Howard Stern joined WCCC-FM in early 1979, a part of his career which was documented in the film Private Parts. He met his long-time sidekick Fred Norris while working at WCCC.