Howard Talks To Artie post suicide attempt

Howard said he finally spoke to Artie. He said it wasn’t easy to get through to him but he finally got him on the phone. Howard said it wasn’t an easy conversation. He said he told Artie he was going to sit and tell him all of his troubles and Artie kind of chuckled at that. He said Artie did sound down.

Howard said he tried to talk to the guy but you end up not talking about what happened and there’s a big question mark in the room. Howard said he wanted to ask Artie what he did and why but you just can’t do that. Howard said you don’t know what to say.

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Show In The Hallway Episode 7 (S2)

From The Producers of the Howard Stern Tv Show

When you’re watching “Show In The Hallway” keep in mind the line between reality and scripted material is often blurred. In one scene in particular from “Artie’s Chair”, Sal complains to Richard about how Artie is constantly talking negatively about him on the air. The scene takes place in the bathroom just outside of the Stern Show hallway where Sal and Richard are pissing together. The bathroom has only one toilet. Sal and Richard weren’t taking turns but actually crossing streams. This seems like it was done for exaggerated comedic purposes only it wasn’t. This is what Sal and Richard actually do on a day to day basis! They claim it “saves time” because they are so busy. I’ve even heard them say “we do everything together”. Whatever the excuse is its just plain weird.