New competitor? Howard Stern producer launches Technobeaver product reviews

Though we take great pride in the First Look product videos we shoot here at CNET, there’s always room for some competition. The latest entrant in the technology journalism scrum may be a surprising one: it’s longtime Howard Stern producer Gary Dell’Abate.

A longtime technology enthusiast, and occasional local news TV talking head on the subject, Stern listeners frequently hear about Gary’s home theater setup and other tech topics. To further the cause he has apparently put aside his usual “Baba Booey” nickname for a new identity: Technobeaver.

To keep viewers interested while talking about tech products, Gary has taken to wearing a full-body beaver costume. So far, we’ve only seen these segments as part of the Howard Stern subscription on-demand cable television service, but his quick take on the MiFi portable wireless access point is largely dead-on, and delivers more than enough information to be useful (we called the MiFi, “an excellent product for mobile Internet access.”)

As video veterans, we’d suggest some more close-up shots of the product, and a clearer explanation of the manufacturer and price information, but we’ll venture out on a limb and say Technobeaver’s first video review is probably slicker and more confident than our first attempt at a product review video.

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