Wack Pack Update: Bigfoot

Bigfoot made a splash in 2006 when he was added to the list of the famed Wack Packers. The Wack Packers have been noticeably absent from the Stern show lately, but here is an update on the controversial and troubled Bigfoot:

“He just got his caddy back on the road after making payments for over a year to get the transmission rebuilt. That shows some sort of focus, to his credit. His transmission went after he got the car stuck and smoked the tires trying to get out of the ditch.

One disturbing event recently took place. He made a porno movie of sorts with the woman Melodie that you may remember from “Weekend with BigFoot”. That footage is very, very disturbing on many levels and I wish I had never seen it. I had him turn it off at one point, but the damage was done.He wants to submit the tape to the Stern Show and I told him that he will get ridiculed beyond imagination. One note of interest about the tape. There is a woman screaming in the background like she is being tortured. BigFoot said that he didn’t hear the screams at the time and swears no one else was in the room at the time. I swear that girl sounded like something big was being shoved in her backside. We are left to our imaginations to wonder just WTF was going on next door. So that’s what BigFoot is up to.”

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