When will Howard Stern be live? (Vacation Schedule)

How much vacation time does Howard Stern get? In 2011 he’ll set a vacation record. To be fair, the makers of this chart count weekends as vacation time, which is not a standard practice. But the rest of the schedule shows just how powerful the “King of All Media” has become.

8 thoughts on “When will Howard Stern be live? (Vacation Schedule)”

  1. Sedrek, that schedule is not right either. Howard has done 3 day weeks in 2011 and your schedule shows zero 3 day work weeks. I believe that he switches each week back and forth from 3 to 4 a week.

  2. Wouldn’t we all like him to do 4 days for the remainder of the contract? Yes, but he announced the 3-day week a long time ago so there is nothing surprising about this. I will keep hope that he decides to switch gears and ditch the luxury schedule but the likely situation is a choice between 3 day weeks or retirement. That is it. I love the show and whatever ‘heroin’ I can get is welcome.

  3. If Howard made a choice between 3 days a week, or retirement, then i’m just glad he decided to stay on. Some shows or podcasts I listen to are only on once a week,for one hour. Even during a 3-day work week, the Stern Show is still turning out 12 fresh hours of listening material for me.

    Sure…I wish that they were in 2006-mode putting in 5-day work-weeks with Artie still on board, but it’s not in the cards. It’s 12 hours of show per week from now on, and probably a steady decrease in the future.
    I just hope that while they ween me off Stern show, they start investing in finding or creating something else I can get addicted to…

    If I had to run the channels, I would start to move all the Stern stuff [Fresh shows, Stern Shuffles, master tapes, ect.] to Ch 100 as it slowly becomes a “classic stern shows” channel, and make more room on 101 to give Greg Fitzimmons, Riley Martin, Chuck Zito, Black on Black, and anyone else that has a good show more airtime… also add the ARTIE LANGE & Nick DiPalo show, along with “Jim Breuer Unleashed” to the 101 line-up.
    Howard will eventually retire from doing live shows, and that alone would probably free-up all of the money you would need to pay for [and keep] all of the talent on 101, and the end result would be two kick-ass channels that I would still tune in to constantly.

  4. ME…the man has been entertaining millions for 30 years that’s not lazy…maybe you are just too spoiled and don’t know it.


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