2 thoughts on “Artie Nodding Off”

  1. Artie Lange could always get a job as a Goodyear blimp if the talk show thing falls through. I swear to God this guy makes me crazy. I would slice off a finger to have my own talk show and this blob takes it so much for granted, he sleeps and farts and burps his way through the hour and we are supposed to interpret this as “talent”. This guy is higher than a kite and we all can see it. I wonder how much heroin he did right before the taping. His purchases are probably helping put his dealers son through college no doubt. So in some strange convoluted way Artie is helping to support “higher” education. In both senses of the word. I just hate it when people are lucky enough to have a talk show or some type of entertainment vehicle and they take it for granted and piss all over their audience. This type of drugged behavior really does serve to show contempt for his audience and I for one am sick of it. I wish I could have just one shot at the type of audience he reaches on a regular basis. I would not take it for granted and show up higher than a russian cosmonaut.

  2. More of artie langes boofonish antics. Why does the public confuse drugged shenanigans with talent. You know artie is a slob not just on the physical level but on every level that it is possible to be a slob on. He is an intellectual, social, spiritual slob as well as a physical one. No wonder this man seeks the company of prostitutes. It is hard to imagine a woman who was not getting paid wanting to spend any time with him. Unless she thought that fart jokes were sophisticated humor. This man provides job security for the whores and drug dealers of the world. So he does have some use for society. But besides being a retirement vehicle for whores and drug dealers it is hard to imagine any useful contribution he makes toward society. I think if you look up the word “vulgar” in the dictionary it now includes a picture of artie lange.


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