Baba Booey shouted at Donald Trump Rally

Baba Booey shouted at Donald Trump Rally by wcqjdotcom

Donald Trump WCQJDonald Tump was interviewed on the Stern Show in August 2015 where Howard said “you could actually be president, this is looking like a reality.”

By now, the start of 2016, Donald Trump was supposed to have been a throwaway candidate alongside the likes of Howard Dean and Jesse Ventura.

Donald Trump is not going away anytime soon. The American people feel diminished in many ways. Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is resonating with voters. Many feel that the American Dream has faded away and is out of reach for the Average Joe.

People want real tough talk, not canned soundbites from the Grand Old Party. In many ways, Trump has hijacked the GOP, but this is a welcomed change of course.

The politics of a country need to change with its society. The fabric of America has changed considerably since the 1960’s. Voters want authenticity when choosing a leader. They want someone who is going to walk the walk and to get things done and as of January 2016, Donald Trump seems to be the one.

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