Beth Stern gets a new show ‘Spoiled Rotten Pets’ on National Geographic

There should be no shortage of potential profile subjects for this show: National Geographic has just ordered a new series called Spoiled Rotten Pets.

As the nicely self-explanatory title suggests, the series is about pet owners who go over the top when taking care of their animals. Examples from the series include terriers getting their own lavish “Bark Mitzvahs,” kittens taken to plush and extravagant cat spas and fawned-over ferrets dressed up for a ferret fashion show.

The series is hosted by Beth Stern (wife of Howard Stern), an animal advocate and host of the HGTV series Mom Caves. The six-episode series starts production in September.

2 thoughts on “Beth Stern gets a new show ‘Spoiled Rotten Pets’ on National Geographic”

  1. Chris, what’s with the jealousy…you still have to clean toilets for the rest of your life while Beth married a BILLIONAIRE.
    You are dirt poor for the rest of your life…Beth married a BILLIONAIRE.

    see the pattern Chris….Any woman marrying Howard will have jealous people being …jealous LOLOL.

    Chris…get back in the closet…your daddy’s waiting for you.


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