Beth’s intimate photo Baltimore Sun prank

An unidentified prankster uploaded Beth O’s widely discussed Twitter photo with Mom Caves co-host Jared Walker Dostie to the Baltimore Sun’s ‘Wedding and Engagement Photos” page, complete with this cleverly crafted caption poking fun at the King of All Media:

“Moments after this happy couple became engaged. I (Jared) had met Beth through work and have been in love with her since the first day I saw her. It took some time for me to win her father Howard over. Not only is he very happy for us now, but he will also be our official wedding photographer. We plan on getting married in the Hamptons.”

Dostie originally posted (and Beth O retweeted) the photo of the two of them cheek to cheek on set earlier this week, while they filmed episodes for the upcoming season of their HGTV home makeover show ‘Mom Caves’. When Howard Stern Show regular caller “King of All Blacks” commented on this week’s satellite radio broadcast that the photo was “disrespectful,” to her husband, Howard tried to turn the controversy into a comedic bit.

Things got awkward when Beth O called in to the show and was audibly upset by the insinuations. Howard Stern later stated that he had no worries about his wife’s fidelity at all and that he had meant for the entire conversation to be a joke.

Unless Stern issues a Twitter response this weekend, fans will have to wait until Tuesday, March 20th to find out if the King of All Media thought the stunt was even remotely funny or fun. Howard Stern is taping episodes of America’s Got Talent in Austin, Texas this weekend and is taking Monday off to recuperate.

6 thoughts on “Beth’s intimate photo Baltimore Sun prank”

  1. Serves you right dumbass. You married the horseface. Haven’t you ever heard why buy the cow when your getting the milk for free? This is who she dreams about while putiing in her time to get your millions. Haha.
    Then I’m sure we”l all suffer hearing you bitch about it.

  2. Remove this fake wedding engagement of Beth Stern and Jared Walker Dostie from the google search engine. I have reported you and contacted Howard Stern. I will hunt you down and make sure you take this crap off the internet.

    • There is no need to threaten, it was a screen-cap from another website and obviously a prank…
      I will remove the photo. 😉

  3. Remove this fake wedding engagement of Beth Stern and Jared Walker Dostie from the google search engine. I have reported you . Take it down now.


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