BTLS: Howard Stern Show going internet only after SiriusXM?

On his RadioIO show today Bubba the Love Sponge hinted that Howard might be taking his radio show exclusively to the internet after his SiriusXM contract expires.

“Here’s what needs to happen in the industry, Opie and Anthony, Myself, and Howard all need to sit down and say enough of this bullshit, join together and do our own radio network. Howard can do mornings, Opie and Anthony can do afternoons and I can do mid-days. We need to do it on the internet, that’s where everything is going, that’s where O&A need to be and that’s where Howard is going in 3 and a half years. Ill get it done.

I do have a vision, Brent and I did talk to Howard about this at dinner, where we all need to be, and Howard is in agreement with me. We had some intense conversations and that’s where Howard is going, whether we go with him, or he comes over here, hes going [online] 100% I can promise you that.

-Bubba the Love Sponge

7 thoughts on “BTLS: Howard Stern Show going internet only after SiriusXM?”

    • He doesn’t but Bubba needs him, badly.

      102. 5 FM “The Bone” which changed formats to a talk format earlier this year featuring longtime “Bubba the Love Sponge” was the Tampa Bay area’s top talk station in July coming in eighth in the overall rankings.


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