4 thoughts on “Bubba the Love Sponge Fights Employee”

  1. I hate this Bubba fuckin idiot.. I don’t get why Howard supports or promotes his stupid fuckin program… I really hope this scumbag dies, I hate Bubba so much, he is not funny, or smart, or has nothing interesting to say, he is just another fatso loudmouth with a radio gig…

  2. Bubba, Your a dick. That was assault and battery.
    Ya don’t treat anybody like that especially an employee.
    Eat shit and die.

  3. Bubba is a fat fucking imbecile. I would’ve waited for Bubba to throw the first punch (which he did), and whaled on that fat fuck( pun intended). Then I would’ve sued the fucking whale for his son’s racing team.

  4. Big Dick had that coming to him. The shocks, he deserved because he put interns threw hell by shocking the shit out of them. Then he took that phone out of Bubba’s hands, witch can be considered assult. If Bubba felt threatend in any way, he is legally able to take steps to defend himself.

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