Bubba the Love Sponge leaves Sirius (update)

Todd Clem, aka Bubba the Love Sponge, is officially done with Sirius XM satellite radio and headed for the internet.

The contract for the corpulent Tampa-based radio broadcaster officially ran out at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2010, but Bubba gave his fans the official word around 1:00PM via his Twitter account, writing:

Ok it’s official I’m done. I really am relying on u all 2come 2radio io dot com.I’m scared.But also somewhat relieved. I’m my own boss now!! As of midnight tonight my name and all content will be removed from Sirius/xm. 🙁

Clem had been updating his Twitter followers on his dismal contract negotiations. Clem told his fans that he was offered “five times less” money than he got for his original Sirius XM contract.

Fans who can’t live without their Bubba can subscribe to the services for $9.99/month of $99.99/year. The services also features a variety of music content.

Clem is now encouraging his fans to cancel their Sirius XM subscriptions and cite Bubba’s cancellation as cause

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