Carmen Electra Interview and Sybian Ride (Howard Tv)

Howard said that clip was a few more minutes long. He got distracted by the Playboy he had in front of him. He wondered if that was a new one with Carmen Electra on the cover. It wasn’t new. Howard talked about how he doesn’t like the way they do things with some of the girls in the magazine. He said that they dye their hair bright blonde and it just doesn’t look right to him.

Howard read some of the interviews they had with Carmen and said that it had screwed up the show because it was so distracting. That led to Howard talking about how that guy from Perfect 10 magazine sued to make the girls say that their favourite comedian was ”Howard Stern” even if they were from Russia and other countries where they could never have heard him. He said it was so obvious that they were putting his name in there on purpose.

Howard checked out some of the centrefold information in the Playboy as well. He didn’t think that the information was right in there because a 20-year-old wouldn’t be into Roy Orbison. He thought that was kind of odd.

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