Charlie Murphy (Howard Tv)

Howard said that Charlie used to be known as Eddie Murphy’s brother but now he’s gone out on his own and he’s Charlie Murphy. Charlie came in and Howard said he had a new look going on. He had a ton of jewels on. Charlie said he had diamonds on the last time and now he has other jewels on.
>Howard asked Charlie if he’s ever been ripped off working at a club. Charlie said that there are some rooms that he plays where people don’t have much money and they do act different. He said that kind of thing can happen.

Howard and Charlie talked about Katt Williams getting ripped off by people at clubs and how wrong that was. Howard said that there are laws though and you can’t just rip off Katt Williams.

Howard said it looks like Charlie has a lot going on right now. Charlie said he has a new agent and they’re keeping him very busy. Charlie said that he’s with APA now and they have him going to other clubs than he was doing before. He said that he had done other clubs like 4 or 5 times but now he’s doing theater shows and making the same kind of money.

Charlie said that he can do four shows and make 4 times as much money as he would make doing 8 shows at a comedy club in one weekend.

Howard asked Charlie how things are going at home. He said that his marriage isn’t the best thing right now. He said he hasn’t moved out yet. He said that things aren’t good. Howard asked if he’s dating. Charlie said no to that. He asked Howard if he was trying to set him up because he’s going to have to go to divorce court over that.

Howard asked Charlie if his success has ruined him in his personal life. Charlie said the thing that does it is the fame. He said that the family doesn’t get famous and that really bothers them. He said that their attitudes change and the people around you will deal with you differently.

Charlie said that he’s producing for his family and supporting everyone. He said that when he sits around on the couch they think that he’s a bum. He said he’s heard a lot of stuff throughout his life. He said that he knows women very well and you can’t go too far one way or the other without them giving you a hard time.

Howard asked Charlie about how much he’s working out on the road. Charlie said he’s away for a few days a week but his family lives in a very nice home. He said that some people think that what he does is very easy and that’s just not the case. He said that it’s not an easy job because if it was, everyone would be doing it.

Howard said he had the same thing with people telling him that he must be having a lot of fun working. He said that it’s not what people think it is though.

Howard asked Charlie where he’s living. He said he’s got two houses, one in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. He said that he goes wherever he wants to go though. He said he’s been married for 13 years but that’s the way things go.

Charlie said that he thinks that he’ll be very well looked after in court. He said that he can move anywhere he wants to make a living so he’s not worried about going to court. Howard said he’d be worried.

Howard asked how long a man has to wait to date after divorce. Charlie said that the next day is fine. He said that he’ll have a chick waiting in the car for him after court.

Howard asked Charlie if he asks his brother, Eddie, for advice on the divorce because he just had one. Charlie said that they have different situations. Robin said she read that John Kleese had to give his wife $19 million. Howard said he didn’t know that guy had that kind of money. Robin said John Kleese says that his wife is now richer than he is.

Howard said that Charlie is going to be at Caroline’s this week. He gave him a plug for that and then took a call from King of All Blacks. Charlie said that he actually knows King of All Blacks because he works in his town. He and King go to the same barber shop.

King said that he was sweeping Charlie’s street recently and saw Charlie hanging out on his front stoop and he didn’t look happy. He was just sitting there and didn’t look happy. Charlie said he usually goes out there and curses people out on the cell phone. King said he wasn’t on the phone that day.

Howard said that Charlie is going to be in a new movie with Forrest Whitaker. Charlie said he didn’t get a lot of money for that movie but the opportunity was good to be in the movie with Forrest.

Howard asked Charlie about who he curses out on the phone. Charlie said it was probably his cousin. He said that his cousin is his manager so that happens all the time. He doesn’t have a problem doing that with him either.

King said that Charlie lives in a neighborhood with white people and they never look at him when they walk by him. He said that they pretend that he doesn’t live there.

Charlie said that he has a lot of Jews in his neighborhood but the kids in the neighborhood love him. They chase his car down the road. He said that they love Charlie Murphy. He said they aren’t trying to chase him out of the neighborhood or anything.

Howard asked if it’s weird being the one black guy in the neighborhood. He said that it’s not like that, the neighborhood is mixed.

Howard asked Charlie if he’s going to have to bang chicks on a nightly basis once he gets divorced. Charlie said he’s not like that. He’s not going to try and get Wilt Chamberlain numbers. Charlie said he doesn’t believe those numbers either.

King of All Blacks asked the guys why they get divorced when they have so much money. Howard and Charlie said that money doesn’t solve all problems. Howard said that Charlie is going to have a lot more options now and he thinks that his wife doesn’t appreciate him as much as she should. King told Charlie to date strictly Spanish women. He said his wife still sucks his dick on a regular basis.

Charlie said he might be over valuing the blow jobs. He said that those chicks have to give more than just a blow job. Howard said he’s right about that. Charlie said he’s not impressed with blow jobs. Howard asked what he is impressed by. Charlie said that if she’s an attorney and making X amount of dollars a year, that impresses him.

Howard said he’s very grateful when a woman blows him. He said that Charlie might be right about the blow job thing.

Howard asked Charlie if he went to marriage counseling. Charlie said that it doesn’t work and it may speed things up as far as bringing it to an end. Charlie said that by the time a session is over you leave there wanting to kill the other person. Howard said he’s right, they force you to be too honest sometimes. Charlie said that they force you to use words that you wouldn’t use with the person at other times.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Charlie lost to Prince in a basketball game. Charlie said that was kind of put on and it wasn’t all that bad. He said that Prince can play basketball though even though he isn’t very tall. Howard said Nils Loftgren beat the shit out of him in basketball and he’s only about 5’5” tall.

Charlie said that you can’t judge a person by their looks. He said that Prince used to jump off of speakers that were like 20 feet tall with those pumps on his feet. He said that anyone else would break their ass.

Howard said he went to see Prince do this really small show and they made them turn off all of the lights. He said he couldn’t see a thing so he walked out.

Charlie asked to see what the Sybian looked like. Howard pointed it out and Charlie said that it looked like a radiator or something.

Charlie told Howard that his wife has cancer. Robin said that he can’t leave her if she has cancer. Charlie said that he didn’t leave her. He said that he was just saying things weren’t good. He said that she found out about the cancer after they were having marriage problems.

Howard asked how bad she is. Charlie said it started in the cervix and it has moved to other places. Howard said that’s putting a lot of pressure on the marriage. Charlie said it puts pressure on everything in general. He said that they have kids together. Howard said that suddenly this isn’t so funny. Charlie said it was never funny. Howard said he was laughing earlier.

Charlie said that he has faith and that’s why he’s not worried about this stuff. He said he prays and he thinks that’s going to work. He said he can pray right there in the studio. Howard told him to put in a good word for him.

Charlie told Howard that one time he did a show where right before he went on stage, his wife called him and told him that their son had just cut off his finger. He said she didn’t give him any details and he had to go right out on stage and do his act. He said he had to act like nothing was wrong and that’s what he did. He said it turned out he didn’t chop his finger off though. It was just cut.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked Charlie how he feels about Michael Vick. Charlie said that he was listening to Howard’s debate about the whole thing earlier. Charlie said that there are people who have killed people that are in the NFL. He said that one guy did 30 days for murder and he’s playing and has been forgiven. He said that he believes in forgiveness and he thinks that Michael Vick should be forgiven.

Charlie said that he’s been to jail before and he knows what it’s like to be there. He said that anyone who goes to jail cries at some point. Howard asked Charlie what he did to get arrested. He said it was some petty crimes. He said he did his time and he thinks that he’s a different person now. He said he hopes that Michael Vick is different now too.

Howard said that Charlie has a great life now and he had his low points. Howard said he’d cry like a bitch if he went to jail. He asked Charlie if anyone tried to fuck him when he was in jail. Charlie said no one even tried and he can handle himself so that’s why he wouldn’t worry about that.

Charlie said he spent a whole year in jail. Howard asked what he did to kill time. He said he made jokes and goofed on people in the jail.

Howard asked Charlie what sobered him up to get him out of what he was doing in his life. Charlie said that he saw what people were up to in his community and he got into the military. That’s what straightened him out.

Robin brought up Michael Vick again and told Charlie that Vick was in that same kind of situation and he still went back and did what he did to dogs even though he had gotten out of that neighborhood. Charlie said that the whole dog fighting thing is bigger than Michael Vick. He said that it’s a big industry and it’s not just Vick who was doing it. He said if people are really against Vick and the dog fighting then they should be actively involved in trying to stop dog fighting.

Howard told Charlie he needs to get laid after hearing that rant. He said he does love the guy though. Howard said he grew up in the same neighborhood that Charlie did and he’s only four years younger than him. He said he would have been honored to have been beaten up by Charlie. Charlie said he thinks that he and Howard would have been friends because he wasn’t like that back then. Howard wrapped up with Charlie and went to break a short time later.

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